Zodiac Signs Details: All You need to know about all Zodiac Signs (Rashis)


 Sagittarious (Dhanu):



Element – Fire

Color – Blue

Ruler – Jupiter (Guru)

Day – Thursday

Lucky numbers – 3, 9, 21, 12, 7

Considered as the biggest traveler among all. They have great sense of humour and are idealistic and generous at the same time. There view towards life is very philosophical and are very open minded. They like change in life and will do anything to achieve their goal.

They want a partner who is expressive and sensitive. In their understanding there is thin line between love and intimacy. Because of dynamism they may change many partners, but once they find their love will completely dedicated and loyal. They are very playful and humorous will spend good quality time with their partners.


Capricorn (Makar):


Element – Earth

Color – Brown, Black

Ruler – Saturn (Shani)

Day – Saturday

Lucky numbers – 4, 22, 8, 13

They are the most serious of all Zodiac signs. They are also the best amongst all in terms of professionalism. They also respect and care a lot about their traditional values. No one can compete with them, when it comes to management and justice. They treat all as equal no discriminating at all. They have the potential to lead in both politics and business; they give importance to their family.

Scorpions are great lovers and are honest, loving and caring also. But it’s difficult to get hold of a scorpion, but once done the scorpion will remain committed and dedicate for the rest of his/her life. They will do things slowly and express their feelings from their actions.

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