Zodiac Signs Details: All You need to know about all Zodiac Signs (Rashis)


Libra (Tula):


Element – Air

Color – Green and Pink

Ruler –  Venus (Shukra)

Day – Friday

Lucky numbers – 4, 6, 24, 15, 13

They are cooperative, social and gracious, fair minded and good in diplomacy. They are victorious and cannot be left alone. They are inspired from interesting people and good books. They keep themselves away from violence, injustices and conformity. They like gentleness, sharing and going outdoors. Surrounded by beautiful place, art they are lover of quality and beautiful things.


Scorpio (Vrishchik):


 Element – Water

Color – Scarlet , red and lust

Ruler – Mars (Mangal) and Pluto (Yam)

Day – Tuesday

Lucky numbers – 8, 22, 11, 18

They prove to be true friend, stubborn but brave, have lots of resourceful. These people keep on working on something till they complete the work and researching till they find the truth. Very good in taking decisions and asserting situations.  Prove out to be great leader and emotional beings. Very good at keeping secrets. They like truth, being correct and facts. Teasing their friends and hanging out with long time friends may be considered as very important for scorpio.

People who is not trust worthy are disliked by scorpio and lazy passive people.  They enter in a relationship after building mutual trust, but once done they remain loyal to their partners. They are considered to be the most sensual Zodiac signs among all. They also want intelligent partners with honesty their prime concern.

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