Zodiac Signs Details: All You need to know about all Zodiac Signs (Rashis)


Leo (Singh):


Element – Fire

Color – Gold, orange, yellow

Ruler – Sun (Surya)

Day – Sunday

Lucky numbers – 1, 3, 19, 10

They are self confident, trusted and attractive and hence they will have many good friends. They are born for leading and are good leaders. They have the quality to unite different groups of people and lead them as their leader. They are creative, warm hearted and cheerful. They are a little self centered and arrogant and lazy in their life. They dislike when they are not given importance like a leader or if ignored. Making fun with friends and taking long holidays and costly things are their likes. They see love and intimate relationship as different objects. They will be loyal to their partner but will fail to find that the true satisfaction lies in both emotional connect and intimacy. The other partner have to work with him to make him understand the importance of emotional connect and intimacy together.


Virgo (Kanya):


Element – Earth

Color – Pale yellow, grey

Ruler – Mercury (Budh)

Day – Wednesday

Lucky numbers – 5 14 32 23 15

They are loyal, have good analytical skills, remain practical and are hard working. They are concerned about small things. They are the most careful signs among all the zodiac signs. They tend not to open to the world and are shy. They don’t take chances, master in communication, writing and speech. They have organized life. They will have very less encounter experiences with strangers and different people. Virgo people will trust and open to intimate relation slowly and steadily.


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