Zodiac Signs Details: All You need to know about all Zodiac Signs (Rashis)


Gemini (Mithun):

gemini Element – Air

Color – Light green and yellow

Ruler –  Mercury (Budh)

Day – Wednesday

Lucky numbers – 5, 7, 14, 23

They are good at communicating and exchanging ideas. Grasping power is very good. They are curious about everything and represent a dual personality some may be expressive and others may be quick witted. They are gentle and adaptable as well. Some of the weak part may be they get nervous and are inconsistent in their work, and unable to take decisions. Likes reading a lot, talking and going on short trips. They are not people to go with some daily routine and also not like being alone.

They are very selective in terms of love they will go on changing partner until they find the right one who matches there energy level. They are flirty in nature.


Cancer (Kark):


Element – Water

Color – White

Ruler – Moon (Chandra)

Day – Monday and Thursday

Lucky numbers – 2, 3, 15, 20

They are very high on imagination, easily persuasive, emotional and loyal in their life. They will have a loving family. They are insecure about their relations, pessimistic, suspicious and moody and even are very manipulative in nature. They will choose partner who understand them non verbally. They will face problem in their private life because of non-initiative character. They are very emotional and express their feeling to strangers as well.

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