World Heritage Day : April 18, 2017


What do you mean by “Heritage”

Heritage originally comes from latinword ‘Heres’ which means – a condition or state transfer from ancestor.So, heritage literally means a property like natural or man-made monuments, building or traditions like culture, civilization, languages, rules & rituals passes from one generation to generation.

 What is Heritage site or “World Heritage Sites”

As we know heritage, so here heritage sites are our historical area or location where our traditional or cultural values are preserved or conserved in the form of building, monuments etc . whereas World Heritage sites are the sites considered as exceptional global importance and deserve to be preserved under special protection. It is done by World Heritage Convention.


World Heritage Convention –  An organization of UNESCO. The most significant feature of the 1972 World Heritage Convention is that it links together in a single document the concepts of nature conservation and the preservation of cultural properties. The Convention recognizes the way in which people interact with nature, and the fundamental need to preserve the balance between the two.

World Heritage Day (Aim & Need) 

Aim :: When International Council on Monuments and sites (ICOMOS) announced 18th April as “World Heritage Day” with only one aim – To enhance the awareness for significance Traditional & Cultural Heritage with a attempt to conserve our heritages.

ICOMOS facts and figures (March 2016):

28 International Scientific Committees

9.500 Individual Members in 151 countries

300 Institutional Members

106 National Committees.

This Year, April 18, 2017 the theme for the day is “Cultural heritage & Sustainable tourism”. This is very important to understand that how we treat these heritages. People reach at these sites with bags, water bottles , beverages and other waste material , needs to keep them with their own and try their 100% not to litter there . This is something like giving gift to your next generation, so that they can also get opportunity to understand the importance and know our culture.

Necessity: Today in the modernized world, we are somewhere losing our sight in conserving our heritage. We are in hurry to improve our bank balance, credits and raise our infrastructure of building that really doesn’t matters for long. We are funding money for non-serious and showy activities but not for these valuable heritages. It’s not the responsibility of historians, activists and archeologists, UNESCO officials only. It’s our responsibility to protect them.

 Let’s take a pledge about this and protect our heritages.




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