Why Lord Shiva Is Know As Kalantak: One Who Ends Time


Kalantak Shiva:

lord-shiv-quotesAs we all know that Lord Shiva has many names and there is a story behind every name. He is also known as kalantak, The One who ends time. It also means that there is nobody in this world beyond Lord Shiva. He is the one who can save anyone from death and make him Immortal. He is the Mahayogi free from all desires and attachments. He is the one who always loves his devotees and shower them with his blessings. That is why he is also known as Bholenath. If he is happy from your prayers then he will fulfill your desires no matter what it is.

Read through to know story behind name Kalantak Shiva…..


Birth Of A legend:sage-markandeya

Rishi Markandey was born in the family of Great Maharishi Bhrigu. As a result of hard penance (tapasya) of Rishi Mrakandu and his wife Marudmati to Lord Shiva, Lord Shiva awarded them with a boy. But he kept a condition before them. The condition was weather to have a dumb boy with very long life or to have a very intelligent boy with a short life.

Rishi Mrakandu and his wife decided to go with a very intelligent boy with short life. And then Rishi markandey was born who was very intelligent but his death was confirmed at the age of 16.


The War:

raja_ravi_varma_markandeyaRishi Markandey grew up with extraordinary talent and learnings. He also became devotee of Lord Shiva. On the day when his death was fixed he was busy worshiping Lord Shiva. Yamaraj the Lord of death came to take Rishi markandey’s life. This frightened Rishi markandey and he holded the Shiva Linga and started asking for help to Lord Shiva.

Yamaraj threw his trap on Rishi Markandey to take out his soul, mistakenly the trap fall on Shiva Linga. This made Lord Shiva angry and Lord Shiva appeared and asked Yamaraj to let go Rishi Markandey. Yamaraj denied and this led to a war between them. Yamaraj lost the battle and Lord Shiva forgave Yamaraj on only one condition that his devotee Rishi Markandey will remain Immortal.


For this reason Lord Shiva is also known as Kalantak (One who ends death). After that Lord Shiva gave a boon to Rishi Markandey and also asked him to form a powerfull mantra which will lead humans to liberation from life and death. Then Rishi Markandey wrote The Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra.


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