Who Is The Father Of Yoga? And When Did Yoga Started?


Yoga originated from India is famous all around the world. It has been proved by many Yoga gurus that any disease can be cured by practicing Yoga regularly. India has given many Yoga gurus who have travelled all around the world and taught Yoga to millions of people. Many people from western countries come to Rishikesh, India to learn Yoga and make teaching Yoga their profession.

But do you know who invented Yoga or who the father of Yoga is? Read full article…

AdiYogi Shiva: The First Yogi

In Yogic culture Lord Shiva is not considered as God but as the Adiyogi (the first yogi), Lord Shiva was the father of Yoga. It is written that about 15000 years ago Shiva reached to the stage of complete enlightenment (ie. Using 100% of your mind). Lord Shiva went to the Himalayas and because of his ecstasy started dancing. He danced so wildly that he became very fast or still. People were amazed to see that and wanted to learn the secret of this happiness.


People started gathering, but Shiva didn’t cared about them. Many people waited and left except seven people. These were the saptrishis (the seven sages, सप्तऋषि). These saptrishis asked Shiva to teach them about his enlightenment and how to achieve such a pleasurable ecstasy state. But Shiva didn’t responded as he was in complete stillness and unaware about the outer world.


Pleading For Knowledge:

When they started begging for knowledge, Shiva told them that this is not any entertainment. To get this knowledge a lot of preparation is needed, otherwise millions of years will not be enough to teach you. Listening to this Saptrishis started their sadhna and years passed by. After doing austerity (तपस्या) for 84 years Saptrishis grabbed the attention of Lord Shiva. Shiva then decided to teach them.

Transmission of Knowledge to the seven Rishis:


After this Shiva analyzed these seven sages for next few days and decided to shower the knowledge of Yogic Science on the mankind. The day Adiyogi (Shiva) decided to become guru is celebrated as Guru Purnima today, as Shiva was the first guru he is also known as the AdiGuru. Yogic science is not only Yoga or some exercises but it is the mechanism of the entire human system. This transmission of knowledge took place on the banks of a lake which is few kilometers from Kedarnath, known as kantisarovar. After many decades of transmission of Yogic Science knowledge, seven fully enlightened sages were ready to spread the knowledge in the world. Shiva taught different aspects of yoga to the seven sages and hence forming seven basic types of Yoga. After the enlightenment these sages were sent in seven different directions to transfer this Yogic Science knowledge to the mankind.

Lessons From Adiyogi Shiva: The Father Of Yoga.

  • Humans can evolve themselves from defined limitations of life.
  • It is possible to control your mind completely, so that you can use it to the fullest and not care about the miseries in the mind.
  • There is a way to be contained in a body but never become the body.
  • There are many possibilities which can be done by sitting at one place through your mind.
  • If you keep on working upon yourself  (yoga, meditation and much more.) you can live beyond the limitations.