What is Numerology ? It’s impact on our life. How to calculate your Fate Number and it’s impact.


What is Numerology ? And what impact does it have on our life ?

Numerology is the science of numbers used to determine the trend of your life and predict the future. There are different terms in the numerology which have different impact on your life out of which Fate number is the most important one. The two things you need to work out your numerological chart are your date of birth and your full name.

In numerology there is a number value assigned to each letter of the alphabet. Language and numbers are our means of communicating to each other. The vibrations you emit and attract are determined by the numerical values of the letters in your name.Numerology indicates the signposts of your life. It helps you in understanding yourself and thereby making the best use of the opportunities you encounter.

With a few exceptions, numerology deals with single digit numbers, that is 1 to 9. Thus, in almost all cases, after you add up the numerical value of your name or date of birth, you need to add the digits in the total and reduce it to a single digit.

All the numbers have different impact on a person’s life, some good  or bad aspects. Thus their classification as positive or negative is relative. Also, what is important is not the individual number of your birth chart, but how all the numbers act in conjunction with each other.

How to calculate numbers in Numerology

calculate numerology

In numerology, when you are making the calculations, you use the birth month first, then the birthday and finally the birth year. Thus if your date of birth is 16 December 1991.

For calculations the numbers we will use  – 12, 16, 1991.

While predicting the impact of numerology on our life, we need to calculate different numbers such as – Fate number, Birthday number, Destiny number, Intensity number, Karmic compound number, etc.

We’ll be discussing about all the different aspects of numerology in the upcoming articles and the links for all the information will be shared with you. Here we  have discussed about Fate number and how can you calculate your Fate number.

What is Fate number and its impact


Fate number basically describes in brief about what your life would be and what things and work would be favorable for you. There are basically 9 Fate numbers. A person can have his/ her fate number in between Fate number 1 to Fate number 9.

How to calculate your Fate number

Fate number is calculated by adding the digits of your birthday and reducing the sum to a single digit. Thus if you are Born on the 12th of any month then, you fate number is 12 = (1+2) =3.

Someone who is born on 20th, then your fate number = 2+0 = 2.

Similarly you can calculate your fate number respectively.

People who are born in between 1st to 9th of the month does not need to calculate their fate number because the date they are born is already in single digit and is their Fate Number.

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Stay tuned as we will be soon publishing all the details regarding the Fate number and how to determine your destiny according to your fate number.


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