What is Easter: And It’s Importance


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Easter is celebrated on the remembrance of resurrection of Lord Jesus after death on the third day from the tomb in which he was buried. After the crucifixion of Lord Jesus by the Romans, Paul Apostle declared that “Because of our sins Jesus died” and was buried in the tomb.

But after 3 days of burial the body of Jesus was missing from the tomb. It is also mentioned in ancient scriptures that Lord Jesus was seen by many of his disciples. Lord Jesus made many appearances after the resurrection. After this it is believed that Jesus went to heaven and sat on the right of GOD and is ruling the universe.

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Easter is a Christian festival which is celebrated to remember the culmination of Jesus and this day is preceded by a 40 days of continuous fasting by the Christians. Christians also do continuous prayers on each day of 40 day period by visiting church and celebrate Easter.

Day on which Easter is celebrated every year:

Tomb In Which Jesus Body Was Kept And Disappeared.
Tomb In Which Jesus Body Was Kept And Disappeared.

Easter is celebrated after the vernal equinox on Sunday after the full moon. Date of Easter changes every year but the day ie. Sunday remains unchanged. Sunday is also fixed as the day when the Lord woke up to the culmination.

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In some ancient texts it means “the season of growing sun”.

Crucifixion to resurrection in short:5617002924_b8a66d3472_b

Lord Jesus participated in a last meal with his disciples on Thursday which is also known as The Last Supper. After that he was arrested on the same day. Crucifixion took place on Friday and Lord Jesus died before the Friday sun set. The body was kept in a tomb. On the third day ie. On Sunday Lord Jesus raised from the dead. His body was missing from the tomb and Lord Jesus also gave multiple appearances to his disciples after that. After 40 days he rose to heaven to sit at the right hand of the God. All these are mentioned in ancient scriptures.

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It is believed that GOD sent angels who took away Jesus with them. At the time of crucifixion Jesus also said that after death he will sit next to GOD. He was the Son Of GOD

A new Beginning.

No matter late or early Life wins over death.

In a war between Evil and God, God wins at last.

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Easter Eggs and Easter Bunny are used as a gift in America and other western countries to celebrate Easter. Egg is a symbol of new life and some see it as the empty tomb after Lord Jesus left it. Decorated eggs are gifted to friends and related on Easter. Now a day’s eggs made of chocolate and decorated are also used. Easter Bunny is an Easter gift just as same as Santa Claus in Christmas. Decorated hard boiled eggs with chocolate are gifted to friends and relatives is known as Easter Bunny.