What do moles on your body reveal about your personality ?


According to Indian and Chinese astrology, moles on a body tell the future of a person. Moles grow naturally on any part of the body and hold interesting secrets about your life. The “good moles” symbolizing good luck and fortune are usually hidden or not easily seen.

Find out what they can say about you!


Mole on the right side of the forehead:


Due to mole in right forehead the person get name, fame, money. It also makes a person helping nature, devotee of god. The left side mole shows selfishness.


Moles on the chin or mouth:



The moles on the mouth are a sign of beauty, and people who have them often lead a balanced life.


Moles on the cheek:



Right cheek mole shows the quality of responsibility, loving nature, interest in worldly things, feelings for relatives etc.

 Left side mole on cheek shows that the introvert nature, arrogant behavior, struggle in life but are lucky from progeny side.

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