What 2017 Reveals About Your Love, Marriage And Family According To Your Zodiac



The love and romance in your life will be less as compare to last year. Do not impose your thinking or decision to your partner and family. In 2017 avoid to argue with your near one’s and take care about your partner and children. For the one who are not married the proposal for marriage will be come to you from April 3 to August 7.

What to do in 2017 to become wealthy and happy.

  • Worship either of the god Shiva, Hanuman or Shani.
  • Distribute the Guda & chana in hanuman temple on Tuesday and Saturday.
  • Help poor and needy and do Sunderkand on Saturday.



In 20717 shani is in your astam bhav due to which it put hurdles in marriage related work but the proposal for marriage will be come from October 23 to December 31. You have to take special care about your children this year and co-operate your life partner.

What to do in 2017 to become wealthy and happy.

  • Wear a white sphatik
  • Do Laxmi chalisa and Kanakdhara stotra on Friday.
  • Distribute kheer to the poor on Friday.



Try to avoid the suspicion feeling towards your partner this year because it can harm your relationship. This year your relationship become stronger with mother, wife and children but there may be dispute with brother and sister. As shani dominates in 2017 due to which you have to face defamation. The marriage proposal for the unmarried person will be come in between August to December.

What to do in 2017 to become wealthy and happy.

  • v Give Spanish to cow.
  • v Do Vishnu sahastranamawali on Wednesday.
  • v You can also do Laxmi chalisa on Friday.

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