Wearing Panna (Emerald) Stone can make you the happiest person in the World.



About Panna Stone & Identification of real Panna Stone:

The panna (Emerald) Stone falls in the Beryl family of stones.So you can say that every Emrald stone is beryl but every beryl stone cannot be Emerald. Remember these words because there are many fake Panna stones in the market whose identification is very difficult with the naked eyes.

Panna stones originates basically from the  principal Emerald deposits which are currently mined in Colombia, Brazil, and Zambia. Emeralds are mined throughout the world (Pakistan, Afghanistan, Russia, Australia, United States) but these are the three major sources. Colombia arguably produces the finest Emeralds. It is always recommended to buy high quality stones which are real and keep the following things in mind.

  1. The quality of an Emerald gemstone varies on cut, color and clarity.
  2. For Astrological benefits, the quality is dependent mainly on the clarity of the Emerald stone and only a little bit on the color.
  3. The cut of the Emerald gemstone is only ornamental and has little astrological significance.
  4. Green Beryl is a very similar gemstone to a Natural Emerald, coming from the same mineral family. Green Beryl is a substitute for Emerald not real Emerald.
  5. Hydro Emerald is a type of synthetic, lab-made Emerald often sold by unscrupulous dealers as Natural Panna Stone.
  6. Many dealers insert chromium & Iron constituents in low quality beryl stones and sell them as Emeralds.So be ware of these things before buying the Panna Stone.

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