We hardly believe that there would be any person in this world who don’t desire of white teeth.Everyone in this world wants sparkling white teeth but due to their bad eating habits doesn’t let them do so.There are variety of products in the market which guarantee to whiten your teeth but those products are too heavy for your pockets to bear. We have brought for you some very easy home remedies by which you can quickly get sparkling white teeth.

Baking Soda:


Baking soda prevents plaque and discoloration of the teeth. Add ¼ tsp of baking soda in your toothpaste. Brush your teeth with this paste and wash off with lukewarm water. Perform this homemade teeth whitening remedy once in a week.Moreover, a mixture of lemon juice, baking soda, and white vinegar can also be used to treat discolored teeth.

Orange Peel:


Take some fresh orange peels and rub them over your teeth before going to the bed. The vitamin C content in these orange peels cleans off bacteria and helps whiten your teeth.


Lemon has very good bleaching properties, lemon helps to wash out the yellow color from the teeth. Simply squash a lemon and rub the lemon peel on your teeth, Or else, mix lemon and salt and mix it with your toothpaste and apply it on the stained teeth. Rub it all over your mouth and swish with water. Perform this remedy twice a day for two weeks to whiten your teeth.



As the famous saying goes: An apple a day keeps the doctor away.Similar is the case with your teeth. Take one apple and chop it into pieces and make a paste of it and scrub your teeth with that paste. The acidic content in this nourishing fruit gives a good scrub to your teeth and helps to keep them whiter.



Don’t go on it’s colour folks.Though charcoal is black in color but the crystal-based chemicals in charcoal prevent the accumulation of yellow color on the teeth. Add some charcoal powder in your toothpaste and brush with it. The activated charcoal helps remove the stains on your teeth resulting in sparkling white teeth.


Most of us are fond of this juicy and yummy fruit.This fruit is full of Vitamin C which is one of the best remedy to fight the yellow stains and whiten your teeth. Grind some strawberries in a mixer and and make a paste. Take that a small amount of that paste on your tooth brush and clean your teeth with this paste. The vitamin C in strawberry  kills the bad bacteria and helps to whiten the teeth. Do this two times a day to get sparkling white teeth.



Salt has excellent cleansing properties that can prevent yellow tinge from your teeth and helps restore the white color. Brush once a week with the salt powder.  You can also add,lemon/baking soda for more effective results.

Note: Excessive usage of salt may be harmful for your gums.

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