WANT SUCCESS ..? Then Stay away from these 5 things in life.


Never Sit With Your Back, Facing The Main Door:

You should never sit by facing, your back towards the door in your office even if that place or direction is beneficial for you. If you put your back towards the door then you will be deceived by someone and you have a less control over any situation because your eyes were not in the main door.

Do Not Put Calendar On Or Top Of The Floor:

The calendar should never be hanged on the door or even in the way of the door because it affects the life of the family members  and it indicates that ‘how many days were left of life’.


Don’t Keep Damaged Watches In Your Home:

Damaged or non-working watches and clocks
Damaged or non-working watches and clocks

If anyone keeps the watches in home which are already damage or not working then it invites the bad luck because it stops the progress of the persons of that house and also results in financial losses.


Do Not Place Any Sharp Material in South-East Direction:

any metal objects
any metal objects

As south-east direction indicates the wood and we know that metal can cuts the wood therefore by keeping the sharp metal like scissor, knife in this place adversely affects the positive energy of this direction which ultimately will give the bad results for finances because this south-east direction related to wealth.


Do Not Place Green Plants In South-West Direction:


The south-west corner relates to the desires and relationship, it is the direction which contain the earth element and we know that the wood element adversely affects the energy of earth element as the plants contain the wood which badly affects the positive energy of this corner and this gives the bad results in the relationship among the members of the family so if you have already put the green plant in this corner then remove it from there as soon as possible.


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