Top 10 Vastu Tips for Successful Business – Vastu For Office

vastu for office

Vastu is important for a business in order to have a good profit. So, make an outlook at different important factors. Moreover, here are some vastu for office that help you to have the high growth in the business. The term Vastu Shastra is defined as the science that generally deals about the construction and architecture. The Atharvaveda lays as the guidelines for the purpose of design and construction which are utilized for business.

vastu for office

For most of the professional people, Office is considered to be the second home. In recent days, many countries such as India, many people spend most of the time in office when compared with the home, because it is significant to discover a new atmosphere through which they can do a job in a comfortable and efficient manner.

While designing and planning an office based on the principles of Vastu Shastra helps to increase the number of peoples as well as to get a step-by-step growth in the business within a short period of time.

According to the basic rules of Vastu Shastra, it is mainly observed in order to balance the five elements of the atmosphere such as Fire, Earth, Space, Air, and Water.

Here are some basic Vastu tips (so you can be sure to plan the vastu for office) to be followed in order to obtain success in the business such as:

Vastu For Office Main Entrance:

The entrance is considered to be significant in some aspects like the direction. It should be comprised of three positive directions such as North, North East, and East.

Entrance Vastu for office

So, that tends to be more powerful and efficient as it has the tendency to provide lots of success to the company.

Cabin for higher officials:

vastu for office cabin

Based on the Vastu for office, the cabin room of the owners must be situated in the direction towards the southwest, such that his chair could be kept as he sits in the direction towards the north.


In every place which includes hospitals, schools, and offices the reception is defined to be an important place in which the guests are to be greeted for asking their queries.

vastu for office reception

Most probably in the business area Vastu for office, it seems to a good relaxing space in which you can forget all the stress and take some rest for a while.

Moreover, the reception must be located towards the direction of northeast or east such that you can experience a comfortable seating area for the purpose of sitting.

Seating arrangement for workers:

The supervisors must avail a very comfortable place for the employees so they can do their work regularly without any distractions and lack of comfortless.

Based on Vastu for office, the workstations or the individual desks of the workers must be designed in such a way, that they face towards the direction of east or north in order to attain good productivity in the business.

Section for accounting:

In order to view the profit level of the company as well to maintain the finance on the daily basis, account section is merely applicable.

Especially, the person in an individual who is supposed to look after the income and finances should be seated in the direction of the east or north.

Revenue gets increased:

According to Vastu, there should be a separate room should be provided for the revenue department. The reason for it is that it seems to be the better place for the marketing team. This way they are significant for building businesses and improve revenue in an effective manner.

Moreover, the room should be placed in the northwest direction. It must have the tendency to impact the prosperity and financial strength of the business throughout the year.

Moreover, this place seems to be free from all the negative elements and the toilets must not be constructed in this era.

Conference room:

In every business organization, the conference hall is very much significant in order to conduct meetings and parties. Based on Vastu, it should be placed towards the northwest direction.

Vastu for office conferance room

It should be planned in the area in order to facilitate the discussions and also the meanings which tend to be more fruitful.

Prosperity area:

Every organization should place an aquarium towards the northeast direction based on Vastu. So, it brings more peace, achievement, and prosperity in the business.

The aquarium should contain the goldfish of around nine in numbers and a black color fish.

Pooja area:

There should be a separate place left out for the purpose of doing Pooja. This is even crucial during the time of festivals which includes Diwali, Pongal etc. Probably, the Pooja area must be located in the direction towards the northeast. One should offer prayer on a daily basis.


In the office, there should be proper furniture placed based on the shapes. This includes square and rectangular shaped desks followed on Vastu tips.

We must strictly avoid the usage of irregular shape desks or in the furniture. These include the form of rectangular section for the purpose of improving the good energy.

Electrical Equipment:

In most of the Business organization, there may be some occurrence of technical issues and power shut down may happen.

Hence, there should be proper electrical equipment room should be constructed according to Vastu for office. Also, this works to reduce the availability of the repairs and breakdown. Moreover, it should be designed towards the southeast direction in the building. 


We all know that washrooms and toilets are said to have bad energy since the office cannot work without it.

Moreover, based on the direction of Vastu tips only two directions are considered. This has to be opted basically in order to construct the washroom such as southwest and northeast.

By following the above Vastu for office, you should construct a business organization. Also, this helps to improve the profit and growth of the organization.