Using Western Toilets, Beware It’s a Danger To Your Health: Poop In Desi Way


Squatting Position Is The Best To Poop:

Mal Asana
Mal Asana

India has given many things to the world which have proved to be miracle to a large number of people, who follow them. Like India have give Ayurveda, Yoga, Zero and many other useful stuff. In this long list there is an Asana, described in Yoga books and Ayurvedic texts, which is the best and correct way to poop. This Asana is known as Mal Asana or Squatting position. Several studies and researches have been done by scientists and doctors worldwide and they have given it a ten on ten.

Evolution of Western Style Toilets:


Anatomically human are designed to squat to eliminate. This is the way it has been for many years. But with the rise of western civilization and to have more Luxury, Convenience and Industry Western style toilets were introduced. But modernization was followed by ailments such as.





Colon Cancer

The posture in which we sit to poop is also point of extreme importance. In yoga and Ayurveda it has been defined that the correct and healthy way to poop is to sit in a squatting position (Sitting with knees folded and heels touching the buttocks). This Squatting position is known as Mal Asana.

Science behind using Squatting posture:abdomen-1698565_1920

The colon (which is 6 feet long) is a place where the waste is stored and travels to reach rectum. Rectum is a place from where waste is thrown out. When we sit in western toilets and are in normal sitting position, the Puborectalis muscles chokes the rectum and making people to apply more force to remove waste from the rectum.

But when you are in squatting position there is no choking and the rectum is completely relaxed and this makes more effective and easier elimination of your poop.


Diseases caused by Using sitting position to poop or Using Western toilets:

  1. Colon cancer
  2. Pancreas cancer

These two diseases are built in your body, when you are using western toilets from a long time. This is because in sitting position your colon and rectum have to apply more force to remove waste from your body.

Waste is not removed completely in sitting position and this causes many diseases like.

  1. Acidity
  2. Heart Burn
  3. Constipation
  4. Nausea etc. 

What Can Be Done??squattoilet

Best solution would be switch to Indian style toilets as soon as possible, because your health matters. This small thing is giving rise to various diseases both small and big.

But for some people it might be difficult to switch to Indian style toilets, as it’s an era of modernization style and stuff. You will not find Indian style toilets in hotels as well. In that condition use a small stool or a small height table or stool to keep your legs on its when sitting in the potty. Just like shown in the image.


You can also try to sit in Indian style in a western style potty. See image for clarity.


Be healthy, change the way you poop because your health matters.

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