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Birthday Number

The birthday number is one of the most important indicators in the numerology chart. The vibration of the day you were born on has an enormous influence on your life.It indicated your talents and abilities, as well as your attitudes towards challenges and opportunities.

The influence of your birthday is the greatest  between your twenty-eight and fifty-sixth birthdays.Birthday are basically classified into three classes called Concords, which are used to assess compatibility with other numbers.If two people belong to the same concord, they will be more compatible.

To find which concord you belong to you need to reduce your birthday number to a single digit. It is a simple way you just need to add the first and the second digit of your birthday.

Eg – If your birthday falls on 23rd then after reducing it becomes – 5 (2+3).

Birthdays which reduce to Concord Talents
1,5 and 7 Water Creative, intellectual, scientific
2,4 and 8 Fire Emotional, Business
3,6 and 9 Air Artistic, Eloquent, good people’s person

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Birthday number 11

Many numerologists call this a master number, which makes you have high aspirations and determination. Being very moody your desires often fluctuate. You are not interfering, and prefer to inspire people rather than get involved in details. Your external calm is deceptive; you are higly excitable,emotional over trivial matters. Being in the limelight inspires you a lot. You are more suited to being an advisor  or working in creative or inspirational fields, rather than in business.

Best advise we have for you is, avoid daydreaming and translate your Ideas into practice. You have good intuition and should act on your hunches(). Yoga and meditation will be very beneficial for you. Beware and guard yourself against your secret enemies.

Public professions like communication or media which bring you in contact with people are suitable for you. Professions you will be successful in are dancing, teaching, media , music and Art.

Birthday Number 12

You have a touch of genius and live life to the fullest, you have great enthusiasm and make the best out of any situation. God has gifted you with great brilliance and magnetic power in communication skills. People with this birthday number are good parent but can be rather severe on their children. Though you are gentle and persuasive by nature, you may sometime dominate others to achieve your goals. The influence of the sun (1) and the moon (2) in your birthday gives you these qualities.

Being intellectually occupied always is vital for your peace of mind because sometimes you are very impatient and nervous. Your quick witted, imaginative and affectionate nature ensures that you are popular with friends and colleagues. Taking responsibility even under extreme pressure is one of your best qualities.

Professions best suited for you will be writing, acting, advertising, health, law, architecture and interior decoration.

Birthday Number 13

As many people say that this is an unlucky number, but let us clear you that this fact is not at all true. People who has their birthday on this date are actually hard working, methodical and creative. However, you may be misunderstood. You are ambitious and may be dictorial and stubborn. Tolerating injustice is a very hard things for you and you can detest feuds. Your cautious and disciplined nature can make you successful.But you may feel frustrated and restricted by circumstances.

Professions best suitable for you are accounting, business, building(construction business), mining and merchandising.

Birthday Number 14

As the saying goes, Change is the only constant thing in the world and you go hand to hand with this. You love change, excitement and travelling. This birthday number acts as a bridge between the physical and the spiritual worlds and is a dual number. You may be creative and critical at the same time. Though you seem calm, there is emotional turbulence within which makes you moody. Being adaptable and flexible you can adjust in any situation, but you should be careful of being exploited. When there are no restrictions, you work well with others.

You are restless and get easily bored, and may change professions and relationships quickly.

Though you are versatile and talented, you cannot concentrate on one thing.However if you dedicate yourself to a single thing you can reach the height of success,

Luck favours you in gambling and games of chance. This birthday favours fiendships, socializing and group activities.

Professions you will be successful in are stockbroking, tourism, mining, writing, trading, and being an ENT specialist.

Birthday Number 15

This is a powerful birth date because it has the influence of the Sun(1), Mercury(5) and Venus (6 = 1+5). A peaceful and harmonious domestic environment is essential for your happiness and health. You gain knowledge by observation rather than study or research. Your love for language and arts is very much popular and you are also intelligent and have a good memory. This birthday number also draws your interest towards black magic and tantra. Being sensitive you are easily affected by criticism. You are gentle, generous but harbor strong convictions.

This birthday is associated both with sinners and saints, and many powerful politicians, orators and financially successful personalities.

Best suited professions for you will be intellectual and artistic pursuits such as teaching, publishing,business, the arts and medicine.

Birthday Number 16

This is a difficult birthday. Don’t worry this doesn’t mean you won’t be able to achieve success in life. You are strongly attracted towards the philosophical spiritual, and desire to understand the invisible world. You should follow your hunches (intuitions). But this will not be easy for you as you are also a rationalist who tends to analyse things with perfect reason. You have strange dreams, often with prophetic meanings. God has gifted you with excellent concentration power and an analytical mind, and should specialize. Though you like solitary contemplation and meditation, you should not become withdrawn.

Giving and receiving love sometimes becomes difficult for you. Pay attention to matters of the heart. Avoid brooding(making someone sad) and being critical and irritable. Living close to the nature will benefit you immensely.

Professions you will do well in are science & technology, law, teaching, arts, commerce, psychology, philosophy and metaphysics.

Birthday Number 17

You are very individualistic and intelligent. The influence of the sun(1) and the Neptune(7) on this birthday gives rise to contradictory qualities. Sometimes you may be generous to a fault, at other times you are terribly stingy. You desire to acquire deep knowledge, sound judgement,creativity and ambition ensure that you reach the top in any activity. you dislike interference and may slip into depression when you are not able to fulfill your own high expectations.

You may become too obsesses with power and judgement and refuse to delegate work. Ruthless and dictorial behaviour can also be seen in business.Logic and reasoning are important to you and you may not be spiritually inclined. There may be vacuum in your lovelife or some kind of seperation, dissatisfaction or restriction in the relationship. But your drive and ambition will make you rise above all the problems.

Professions best suitable for you are oublishing, theatre and any business connected with the earth, such as oil or mining will be more profitable.

Birthday Number 18

You have great determination and perseverance in attaching to something until you succees. Though you function primarily on an intellectual plane your emotional and sensitive nature may make you argumentative at times. You are a born leader, and organize and inspire others. Having excellent capability of understanding people, you are also highly creative.Avoid being critical and live positively. A great deal of travelling is indicated.

You are noble and have humanitarian goals, though being creative and expressive you may become dramatic too. Your enthusiasm and strong will power ensures success. Your love for music is great. It is possible for you to live the higher vibrations of this number and can be called upon to handle great responsibilities. There is a contradiction as the birthday combines the influence of the Sun (1) and Saturn (8) which are not harmonious. As a result you may face problems of ego and adjustment.

Professions best suited for you are – Law, Politics, Religion, Stocks and transport.

Birthday Number 19

You are a complicated person. The vibration of this number is powerful as it includes all the numbers from 1 – 9. You are very resourceful and versatile, and can succeed in almost any profession. Your fortunes ,ay fluctuate greatly. You are obstinate and find it difficult to cooperate with others. Try to learn how to make adjustments.

You are demonstrative and subject to emotional extremes. you may be misunderstood in marriage, or not find complete happiness and become lonely.Avoid being impetuous(done quickly) in love affairs.

You may become successful in any profession as you have all the numbers in your birthday.

Birthday Number 20

The influence of the moon makes you loving and sympathetic. Being patient, persuasive you are also diplomatic. Your tactful nature makes you a good mediator. You appreciate music and the arts.You are more suited working in small groups or for others.

Your devotion for your family is enormous and you are deeply emotional and should guard against others taking advantage of you.You are sensitive, impressionable, affectionate but expect reciprocation. You can make people accept your point of view through gentle persuasion. If you are born in April or November, you may have bursts of violent temper and aggression.Beauty, harmony and love are the driving forces in your life. influential women will help you. Dealings across the seas will be very beneficial.

Professions that you can excel in are acting, writing, politics and Analysis.

Thanks for reading, hope you found the post helpful.Keep reading and keep growing.:)


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