Unlock your fortune with the help of your Birthday Number (01 – 10) !!!


Birthday Number

The birthday number is one of the most important indicators in the numerology chart. The vibration of the day you were born on has an enormous influence on your life.It indicated your talents and abilities,as well as your attitudes towards challenges and opportunities.

The influence of your birthday is the greatest  between your twenty-eight and fifty-sixth birthdays.Birthday are basically classified into three classes called Concords, which are used to assess compatibility with other numbers.If two people belong to the same concord, they will be more compatible.

To find which concord you belong to you need to reduce your birthday number to a single digit. It is a simple way you just need to add the first and the second digit of your birthday.

Eg – If your birthday falls on 23rd then after reducing it becomes 5 (2+3).

Birthdays which reduce to Concord Talents
1,5 and 7 Water Creative, intellectual, scientific
2,4 and 8 Fire Emotional, Business
3,6 and 9 Air Artistic, Eloquent, good people’s person


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