Unlock your fortune with the help of your Birthday Number (26 – 31) !!!


Birthday Number

The birthday number is one of the most important indicators in the numerology chart. The vibration of the day you were born on has an enormous influence on your life.It indicates your talents and abilities,as well as your attitudes towards challenges and opportunities.

The influence of your birthday is the greatest  between your twenty-eight and fifty-sixth birthdays.Birthday are basically classified into three classes called Concords, which are used to assess compatibility with other numbers.If two people belong to the same concord, they will be more compatible.

To find which concord you belong to you need to reduce your birthday number to a single digit. It is a simple way you just need to add the first and the second digit of your birthday.

Eg – If your birthday falls on 23rd then after reducing it becomes 5 (2+3).

Birthdays which reduce to Concord Talents
1,5 and 7 Water Creative, intellectual, scientific
2,4 and 8 Fire Emotional, Business
3,6 and 9 Air Artistic, Eloquent, good people’s person

To know what your birthday number reveals about you.

Birthday Number 26


This birthday is influenced by the moon (2) and Venus (6) which gives you good business and executive abilities. You are an excellent organizer. Your ambitious and intelligent nature allows you to achieve great success. However, you may start several things simultaneously which you find difficult to complete. You have a tendency to live in the past. You should be optimistic and look to the future. You are diplomatic and tactful, and prefer to do things by gentle persuasion. Having strong character you are domineering and generally you do not express your feelings.

Being generous is your very nature and can be depended upon for help in a crisis. You may not have smooth relationships as Saturn, the ruler of this number. Problems or delays in love affairs are indicated.

Professions best suited for you will be – entertainment, dancing, gambling, decoration.

Birthday number 27


This is the birthday of the born leader. You may be dogmatic in thought and eccentric in behavior. A special talent in politics, religion, arts, and law is indicated. Extensive travelling will broaden your mind. You express yourself well, though you may be too dramatic at times. You may suffer from tension and health problems. You are forceful and determined and highly psychic but easily disturbed. You are incapable of working in subordinate positions.

You have dramatic and literary abilities. Science metaphysics and the occult attract you. You marry early but the relationship may be disappointing. You must avoid stimulants. You are affectionate but erratic. Try to accept things and forget what is not needed. You have a sacrificing nature and it will be a feature in your life. Just let go negative attachments and feelings and develop a philosophical outlook.

Professions you will be successful are diplomacy, law , journalism, medicine or stock broking.

Birthday Number 28


This birthday number makes you are dominating, strong willed and idealistic, with considerable leadership qualities. This number combines the cooperative abilities of Moon (2) and the practical and executive quality of  saturn (8). You see the other person’s viewpoint and have an exceptionally analytical and rational mind. Though you are confident, you need encouragement. The influence of Saturn (8) may bring delays and tragedy into your life, and your loyalty and sincerity may be unrewarded.

Being independent you find it difficult to work in subordinate positions. Your friendships and relationships are also unconventional. Though you love freedom, you will encounter limitations but interest in occult (supernatural power) is indicated your nature is very emotional and demonstrative. You have excellent debating skills and should enhance it more. You must avoid being lazy. Most of your troubles are self created and caused by the tendency  to magnify your problems.

Professions that will be good for you are – mining, property dealing, mathematics, research.

Birthday Number 29


This birthday is ruled by Moon(2) and Mars (9) and is believed to be very powerful birthday. You are perceptive and spiritual, with keen insight into things, though not necessarily through logic or rational thoughts. You are drawn to activities that helps you to come in contact with people and socialize. You may be nervous and moody at times and need to develop hobbies. Mostly you think you are a child of fate and should surrender to higher laws.

There is a potential and fire in your personality, but you need to develop character and judgement which will happen in your thirties. A peaceful home is essential for you, but your self – absorption may make you careless of the comforts of others. You are sensitive and easily influenced by your surroundings and may have many admirers. You are capable of great love but you crave social recognition and attention.

Sometimes you get easily hurt and become depressed. You have leadership abilities and can be forceful to attain your goals. If your name is in harmony with this date you will surely achieve outstanding success in life. You are gifted with excellent negotiating skills and diplomacy. A piece of advise is that you should be satisfied with your achievements as excess ambition can lead to your untimely fall or death. Guard against pride.

Professions that will be best suited for you are – armed forces , sports, trade , unionism and surgery.

Birthday Number 30


You possess similar qualities to those born on 3rd. Your creative talents are highly developed. You do well in anything that requires use of your hands. Your very nature is friendly, affectionate and loving, love socializing and are popular. Though you are energetic and efficient, you must avoid a tendency to be erratic. Any kind of executive position suits you. You dislike manual , routine or confining work.

You have a dualistic personality and should live positively and avoid frittering away your energy. You love freedom and expansion. You will be either fabulously wealthy or totally broke. Your fortune can fluctuate wildly and you may have enormous drive and enthusiasm but cannot channelize them.

Best profession for you will be – secret services, research, banking, or government services.

Birthday Number 31


This is a good birthday and you can have the best of both material and spiritual worlds. This birthday is ruled both by (1) Sun and (3) Jupiter. You should always have patience and carry out your plans relying on intuition. You have an excellent memory and never forget kindness or injury. Your aspirations and expectations are unreasonable, and you may be disappointed . You are hard working, loyal and determined, and will achieve your goals.

There may be bitter disappointments and frustrations in your love life. Early marriage may benefit you. You should develop interest or hobbies, cultivate friends and learn to express your feelings. Though you are original and honest, you are also stubborn and set in your ways. You are gifted with good organizational and managerial skills with an eye for detail. Your discipline and consistency makes co-workers rely upon you.

Professions that will suit you the best are – Medicine, Architecture, Accountancy, Writing and Contracting.

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