10 Lesser-Known Facts About Draupadi


Secrets Facts About Draupadi

Mahabharata is the most famous epics of Hindu mythology. There is not a single person who didn’t even listen to this name. Almost every kid has heard this as their bedtime stories. According to us, Mahabharata is a narrative of the Kurukshetra war between Kaurav and Pandava. Well, there are many things in this scripture that are still a mystery for us. This popular mythological epic contains various unknown facts about Draupadi that you didn’t watch on television shows. 

Draupadi- A Lady With A Kind Heart

Draupadi was an epic character of Mahabharata that doesn’t need any introduction. She was a mysterious yet brave wife. She never believed in weeping in the tough times and counting the hurdles that came across her way. Rather than mewling, she faced those hurdles with utmost conviction. She was a kind yet fierce princess of a kingdom. 

She was born from fire and the queen of five Pandava brothers. According to the mythological experts, she was the main reason behind the great Mahabharata war. But do you know some secrets or lesser-known facts about Draupadi? Here in this article, we will describe those facts. So, take a look at some more amazing facts about Draupadi

Draupadi & The Story of Her Five husbands

Draupadi asked the lord shiva to give then a husband who has 14 qualities in him. Lord Shiva granted her permission and gave her a boon. But unfortunately, no man could possess the 14 qualities. After that, lord shiva told her that she would be the wife of five men who possess all the qualities. Similarly, there are a few more interesting facts about Draupadi which you didn’t know.

Multiple Names of Draupadi

Draupadi is considered the epitome of womanhood. She is loving and caring, but at another point, she is rebellious and vengeful. She is known as Draupadi because she is the daughter of Draupadi. Draupadi had various names, and each name defines her qualities. 


Krishna is the birth name of Draupadi. She named Krishna because of her dark & pure skin that glows with honor, and principality. 


This name also knows her because she was born from agni vedi. The father of Draupadi performed a Yagya to get a son who can take revenge from Drona. After Yagya’s completion, the Drishtadyummna was born, but Draupadi was born with the same Agni a few moments later. 


She is also named Panchali because she was the princess of Panchal. According to some people, she gains this name because she married five men.


People called her Nityayuyani because she received the boon by lord shiva to become a virgin every fortnight. 


Drupadakanya means the daughter of Drupada. Along with this, she is also known by various names that include Parshati, Malini, Panchami, Sairandhri, and all. 

2. Krishna- The only Friend of Draupadi

Amazing Facts About Draupadi

One amazing facts about draupadi is lord Krishna is the only friend of Draupadi. She considered him as a beloved friend and Sakha. Krishna also addressed her Sakhi. He is the only friend of Draupadi who comes to rescue her when she was in a tough situation. She always experienced the divine presence of Krishna in her life. Lord Krishna was the only genuine companion who helped her during her Vastraharan. They share a pure & genuine bond of friendship that everyone should learn from them. 

3. She Had Trust Issues – Hidden Facts About Draupadi

Draupadi didn’t believe her five husbands. During Draupadi Chirharan, she screamed a lot informant of her husbands, she begged for help in front of many people, but no one helps her. After this incident, she lost her husband’s trust because none of her husbands rescued her. No one showed the boldness against this entire act. Well, her reasons are genuine because Pandavas also delayed killing Kichaka. Kichaka was a man who misbehaved Draupadi. They denied to kill him for fear of making their secret identities public. They also denied killing Jayadhrata, the husband of her sister-in-law. 

4. She Didn’t Believe In Silence

Draupadi is known as a fearless lady. She demanded justice whenever she saw any injustice act in front of her. When she was insulted, she asked for justice directly from the king of Hastinapur Dhritarashtra. She didn’t get back from her words and fight for justice in her entire life and believe in silence. She was popular for her fearless personality. 

She also asked for justice to the Sairandhri when Kichaka insulted her. She openly threatened the king Virata & Dhritrashtra & her husband’s because they failed to protect her. Along with that, she also condemned Bhisma, Kripacharya, and Drona for not saving her at the time of Chirharan. Because of this personality, Yajnaseni was her other name. 

5. Blessed To Be A Virgin Is One of The Secret Facts About Draupadi

Draupadi was blessed to be a virgin for her lifetime. She gained this blessing from Lord shiva. Before moving to the room of her next husband, she walks through fire to regain her virginity. She was a pure soul, and walked from the Agni to get back her virtue. She is the epitome of feminism. All the Pandavas had other wives who lived with their parents. Pandavas had to travel outside the city for four years, and at that time, Draupadi was intimate with the five brothers. 

6. She Cursed The Dogs One of The Hidden Facts About Draupadi

Because Draupadi was Pandavas’s wife, they agreed that only one brother could enter Draupadi’s chamber at a time. At that time, no other Pandava can enter that chamber. The brother who entered her chamber had to keep his shoes outside the door. But one day, a dog took away the shoes of Yudhisthir. Because of this incident, she got angry and cursed the dogs by saying, “The whole world will see you during the intercourse in broad daylight.”

7. She Also Cursed Ghatotkacha

Along with Dogs, the Draupadi also cursed Ghatotkacha. When Ghatotkacha visited his kingdom for the first time, he didn’t respect Draupadi. He did so because of his mother’s order. Hidimba was the mother of Ghatotkacha. Because of this, Draupadi felt humiliated and insulted. She got angry and shouted that she was the queen of Yudhisthira. She said, “I am the daughter of a Brahmin king, and I am higher than your wicked Asur mother.” She felt insulted in front of the whole assembly. 

8. Hidimba’s Revenge

When Draupadi cursed Ghatotkacha, the son of Hidimba, then Hidimba got angry. Draupadi cursed Ghatotkacha that his life would be short. After listening that Hidimba can’t control herself and she visited Draupadi. She called Draupadi a wretched & sinful woman. She also cursed the children of Draupadi and took her revenge. 

9. The Clause of Draupadi

When Draupadi agreed to become the wife of Pandavas, then she asked for some conditions. Her condition was that she wouldn’t share life with any other wives of her five husbands. That means Pandavas could not bring their wives to their chambers. She told them to didn’t bring their children, and she must get the status of queen. However, Arjuna got to succeed in bringing her other wife, Subhadra, the sister of Lord Krishna. 

10. Duryodhana Didn’t Participate In The Swayamvara

In Draupadi’s swayamvara, Duryodhana didn’t participate because he was already married to the princess Kalinga. She already got married to Bhanumati and has children. He promised Bhanumati that he would never marry any other woman throughout his life, and he tried hard to keep his words. Because of this, he didn’t visit the swayamvara.

Other than this, many facts are still confidential. According to the Veda Purana, Draupadi is the avatar of the goddess. In her earlier avatars, she was born as Vedavati, who cursed Ravana. Well, there are many more facts about Draupadi that you will learn as you enter into the depth of Veda & Purana. 


Mahabharata is all about rivalry, and every character has his personality. But the most interesting character is Draupadi, who came as a kind and fearless woman. She faced various toughest conditions in her entire life, but she moved on by maintaining her personality. Also, she is one of the most powerful women in Mahabharata. She had everything that every woman wants in her life.

If we talk about Hindu mythology’s most controversial women, then she came into the first position. We can learn many things from her personality. To know more about her character, you can refer to the mythological book and watch various videos. You can also talk with your grandparents & know Draupadi well.