Top 10 Oldest Churches in The World


Do you know which church is considered as the first ever church?

Do you know top 10 oldest churches still standing in the world?

You will get all your answers in the next slides.


The Place Where Last Supper Happened:

the_last_supper_by_vicente_juan_macipThe first ‘Christian Church’ is situated in Jerusalem, where the ‘Last Supper happened’. It is known as Cenacle. The last supper is the final meal that Lord Jesus had with his disciples before his crucifixion. The dining room in the building in known as Cenacle.


Dura-Europos Church, Syria: 


This church was a praying house in 235AD and was identified as the oldest churches. It is situated in Syria in Dura-Europos. It is one of the oldest surviving building.


Megiddo Church, Israel:


Situated in Tel Megiddo and was discovered in 2005 by archeologist. It was found that it was constructed in 3 rd century AD. In this time Christians were under Roman umpire.

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