Top Yoga Poses For Back Pain: Relief Exercise

Top Yoga Poses For Back Pain, Neck Pain, Back Fat, Flexible body


Yoga plays a very important role in the life of humans. The yoga keeps the person free from every disease and even help them to gain a peace and enlightenment if practice regularly. According the ancient saints the one who practice yoga in a life then one’s should not only gain wisdom but also free from the circle of life and death. Let see how these yoga very helpful in our daily life.



How to do it

1. Lie down on stomach and keep your both hand besides your shoulder .

2. Maintain the gap of 20-30 inches between the legs and put your head down.

3. Raise your head and chest while inhaling and try to see the roof but remember your naval should touches the ground.

4. Maintain the cobra pose till 15-20 seconds.

5. With deep exhalation come back to your initial position.

6. Repeat the above steps up to six times.


1. It improve the digestive system of your body.

3. It prevent you from liver related disease and also increases the blood on the body.

5. In women it strong the uterus and ovary by preventing the disease related to it.




How To Do It:

1. Lie flat on the stomach and put your chin touches the ground.

2. By folding your leg touch your thighs.

3. Grab the ankles with your palm and raise your head, chest and legs while inhaling normally and bend it in a way to resemble bow.

4. BY exhaling come back to your initial position and repeat it up to 4-5 times daily.


1. It makes your intestine strong and also increase the disease resistance power.

2. It makes your backbone flexible and help you to be young for a long time.

3. Reduce your fat and make you a slim results in a good personality.

4. Helps to prevent from arthritis.





How To Do It:

  1. Stand straight by putting the gap of 9-10 inches between your leg and make your hands up.

2. By inhaling normally bend your knee forward and slowly move your hands backward.

3. Moves your hand continuously until you touch the grounds with your palms.

4. While exhaling come back to the original position and repeat these steps 3-5 times.


1. It improves the digestion system of the body.

2. There is not a single problem related to head and neck in an old age.

3. It makes your backbone flexible and make you free from backbone related problems.