These People Claimed That They Did Time Travel In Their Real Life


Here we have summed up three time travel stories,all these time travelers have traveled through time in future or past and have also give time travel evidence for their journey. Read full article.


Hakan Nordkvist:

This man claimed that he had travelled future and met himself there. According to him he travelled to the year 2042 and met a 72 year’s old himself. This happened on August 30, in Sweden. He is also known as the man who met himself. He didn’t had any time machine to travel, rather he travelled through a wormhole in his sink cabinet.

The man who met himself

One day when Hakan was repairing the leaking tap in his kitchen he entered the sink cabinet and continued to go into the passage there. After travelling for a moment he saw light and that was year 2042 ie. He was in future. We can say there was a door to the future in his sink cabinet.

It’s not easy to believe, Right… Is It really possible to travel future through wormhole.

He gave some proofs as well, he filmed himself with old Hakan 72 years in 2042 future. Watch the video.


Sir Victor Goddard time travel:

 He was an Air Marshal in British Royal Air Force, in 1935 he was flying an open cockpit plane and was going on a vacation from Andover to Edinburgh England. In his journey he passed over an airfield which was abandoned for a long time in Drem, Scotland, this airfield was taken over by cattle and completely looked like a farm.

Victor Goddard with his crew, Freddy Jackson mystery is also associated with victor

Few days later, while returning from the same route he got stuck in peculiar storm, with high speed winds and heavy rains. He lost control of his plane and started to fall downwards. But suddenly storm disappeared and he was again above the same airfield in Drem, Scotland. Storm and rains disappeared completely and the sun was bright in the sky, but something was different this time.

What He Saw:


These storm were the time travel machine for him or may be a wormhole or some supernatural powers because he was in future for a small time.   

He saw the abandoned airfield was no longer abandoned; it looked like it was renovated to new.

He also saw mechanics working down and they were wearing blue clothes (but in 1935 Royal Air Force mechanics wore brown uniform).

Four Planes were standing on the run way and all of them were yellow in color. There was not a single plain painted yellow in Royal Air Force at that time in 1935.

He also saw a monoplane which was completely a new model, which he never saw in his life and Royal Air Force didn’t had any monoplane of that design in 1935.

All this happened very fast, while he was flying above very fast. Suddenly rains and storm again surrounded him and he struggled to fly. But after some time flying he landed safely in his home airfield. He was shocked about this experience; he was thinking did he travelled through time in the future. His story in one of the famous time travel stories.


Time Travel Proof:

Planes were painted yellow in 1939

Everything that Sir Victor Goddard saw during his future travel came into reality in the year 1939 (4 years after the incident). These points can be seen as time travel proof.

Royal Air Force mechanics’ uniform was changed from brown to blue.

Royal Air Force started painting there planes yellow.

A new monoplane (named magister) was also commissioned into the force (just like the one Goddard saw during his time travel).

In 1975 Goddard also wrote a book named Flight Towards Reality in 1975, in which he shared his experience.


Andrew D. Basiago Time Travel:

In 2004 he claimed that he was a part of time travel project named Pegasus of US government at the age of seven. From 1968 to 1972 the Government used him several times to go back in time, in space and in parallel universe.  He also showed a picture (time travel proof) in which he attended the public speech of then US president Abraham Lincoln in Gettysburg in 1863. Basiago was 10 during this journey. He is also among few time travelers in the world.

Basiago at age of 10, traveled in past and attended Lincoln speech.

So did the US Government have a time travel machine or a door to the future or any wormhole  through which the time travel happened. Basiago revealed that there were many time travel machine, which were used to travel through time intentionally and teleportation.

Basiago also revealed that in 1943 after Nicola Tesla’s death, US Government found the formula to produce Radiant Energy which was capable to bend space and time. It means this energy can be used to travel through time, space and teleportation.

After these three mysterious time travel stories, if you are thinking that is time travel possible? Then the answer would be YES it is. Because all these time travel evidence that they gave can’t be just coincidence.

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