These 3 Miraculous Daily Practices: Can Make Anyone Successful and Rich


What It Needs To Be Rich And Successful:

According to shastras to be rich means to be full of positive energy. When your soul will be full of positive energy, you will automatically attract good luck and success. Let it be any field from job to business these steps will make your life heaven. You will start getting results for your hard work and various opportunities as well.

So let’s see what are these steps. Pray and worshipFirst of all to practice these steps you will have to wake up early in the morning, at least at 5am.

First step:


Just after waking up, remain in the bed (in a sitting position, legs crossed). Close your eyes and meditate for 5 minutes in the name of your favourite God (the one you worship). You can also recite some mantras of to please and thank the Gods. Mantras can be simple (like Om Namah Shivaay).


Second Step:

Bring both your palms close to each other (just like muslims do during reading namaz). On doing this you will see that two lines on both of your hands join together to make a shape of a moon. Now you have to see 3 areas in your hands and say a mantra which I am going to tell you.

Area 1 : while seeing area 1 recite this mantra.

Karaagre vaste Lakshmi”

Area 2 : This area is in the middle. It is said that Goddess Saraswati resides in this part of every human being. Imagine the Goddess Saraswati image their. While seeing recite this mantra.

KarMadhye Saraswati”

Area 3 : This area is in the lower side of your hands. It is known that Lord Vishnu resides there in every human being. See that part and imagine Lord Vishnu’s image there or Krishna’s image. Recite this mantra.

Karmule Tu Govindam”

Prabhate Kar Darshanam”

See the image it will make you clear:


It is Known that these 3 Gods are the secret to success. Lakshmi for money, Saraswati for Intelligence and Vishnu for fame and all round wellness. All these 3 Gods are present in the hands of each individual. Just like kundalini chakras we need to activate them in our hands. By reciting this mantra in one go, we can activate them. Recite this whole mantra for 11 times or 21 times.

Step 3:

While sitting in the bed you have to touch the ground with your hands and then touch your forehead (in short, take blessings from “Dharti mata”). Only After doing this you can keep your legs on the ground.


Before keeping your legs on the ground, check which side nostril (nose) is clear at that time. At a time only one nostril is clear. You can check by simply closing each one and try to breath. The side which is more clear or free flowing, that side leg should be first kept on the ground.

For example : If left nostril is more free flowing from right one, then place your left leg first on the ground.

bathing_in_money1All these steps are mentioned in the shastras and puranas for success and getting rich. These steps if followed daily can change the destiny overnight. Practice these 3 things daily in the morning and you will attract money, luck, success and opportunities. If not able to wake up at 5am you can do this as soon as you wake up.


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