The Power Of Ritual Bathing: Ganga Snaan


What to do When Stressed and Fed Up With Life:

This morning I woke up with some sort of little nagging negative buzz attached to me. Tried to dismiss it by ignoring it but it was still buzzing around.beautiful-1867874_1920

When you feel like this, do what I do. Close your eyes and go to the Ganga river. I always pick Varanasi, it’s not a deliberate choice, I am just there. Immerse yourself fully in the water 3 times, feel the coldness of the water, let it drop on your face, feel the drops physically finding a path on your skin, smell the water, breathe it in and clear your mind of everything.


You will find the negative buzz is gone. Breathe out and with that sensation in your mind, gently go back.

Does Ritual Bathing work, And why does it work?

People say that the mind will believe what it wants to believe. I don’t entirely agree. I can believe and make my mind believe that the sun won’t rise tomorrow, but it will.


So the mind is unable to control certain physical phenomena. I have spoken to some people who are not Dharma followers and yet, once on the Ganga in Varanasi they had a sensation of lightness, of powerfully heart moving feelings.


girl-1857703_1920The Ganga, The Narmada and The Yamuna they have been blessed for millennia with rituals, devotion and blessings. All this carries a positive shield that counteracts a negative one, you are bathing in blessings, shed your old skin to grow a new one and purify your outer shield. Let’s not dismiss what we cannot see. There are more things we cannot see compared to the ones we can.



It is also said that bathing in Ganga washes sins of all your births.


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