“The Boon of Nature” That Change Your Destiny


In this blog you are going to know about the six boons of nature which is the result of hard austerity of our ancient saints,  are very powerful and even have the ability to change the destiny of the person, we can’t neglect it. We use these for various purposes in our life but due to unawareness we are unable to take benefit by using it in right place at right time.


Sign Of Swastik:


Swastik represent the sun and according to Indian vastu shastra the swastik attract the positive energy from the universe and therefore the importance is given that to fix it on both the side of entrance by Hindu religion. It represent all the ten direction of universe and the lord of this sign is lord Ganesh and therefore it’s also use when someone is going to start something new to eliminate all the hurdles in that work.

Sign Of Aum:


It is the first sound of this universe and the vowel and consonant arise from this sound only. This sound has an infinite power and even treated as Parambramha. This sound is very helpful to increase the concentration power and peace of mind. If you have a dream which you want to make true then pronounce this sound daily morning with closing your eyes and concentrate between you eyebrow and you surprise to see that how things could be happen according to your dream.


Sumeru Yantra:


This is the Yantra which is wear by many person as a locket today, it is very effective which eliminate all the problems in your life. It makes you free from disease and improves your health. It also good for your long life and this locket may be of gold, silver, copper as your choice.

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