Traveling is a fun and pleasure giving activity for most of the people. But the entire pleasure of the trip is based upon the place that you choose to visit. It is better to make more research about the place and find the things to do in the place before you reach there. Here are some fun facts and the things that you can enjoy with Thailand tourism.

This will help to pack things accordingly and to have complete fun and joy in your trip. You may reach Bangkok, capital of Thailand easily since it is connected to most of the countries in the world and easily travel around to enjoy tourism in Bangkok and all over Thailand.

1. Thailand First known Siamese twins and Siamese twins

The world knows the first Siamese twins, Chang and Eng Bunker; they were born on 11th May 1811, in the province near Bangkok belonging to the kingdom of Siam in present Thailand. They were conjoined twins and got married to two different women and they were also sisters.

At the initial stage of their wedding all four lived together, later there were quarrel and fights among sisters. This leads to the separation of their house and household things. Later the brothers spend three consecutive nights in each house and passed away in the year 1874.

2. Siamese cats as a gift to newly wedded couples

Similarly, in the 14th-century poetry books of Thailand describes that there were 23 different varieties of Siamese cats lived now only six of them are found. They also follow presenting one of the Siamese cats to the newly wedded couple and it is considered as the gesture of good luck.

3. Festival for Monkeys

Thailand Monkey Festival

Every year in the month of November, a festival named Lopburi Monkey Banquet is celebrated in front of Pra Prang Sam Yot temple. Around 600 monkeys are invited to the feast on a buffet. The locals prepare around 2 tonnes of scrumptious foods that consist of rice, tropical fruits, grilled sausages, salads, and ice creams.

It is believed that it is the sign of good luck when treating some furry creatures with high respect and also they consider the festival as thanksgiving event for the monkeys since it invites thousands of tourists to the city and the city gets popular and the economic condition improves from the Thailand tourism.

4. The lese mejeste law

It is law followed in Thailand, the law states that every individual in the royal family has to be treated with high respect it is very strict that if anyone criticizes any member of the monarchy, it is considered to be against the law. They will also be imprisoned for their crime.

In Thailand, Mother’s and Father’s day will be celebrated only for the Kings and Queens instead of parents of an individual. Among the number of things to do in Thailand, this is considered to be funnier by most of the tourists.

5. Men used to become Buddhist monks

In olden days every in the country irrespective of the religion has to be a Buddhist monk for some period in their lifetime. It is applicable for the kings and princes as well.

When the Buddhist family is considered, it is almost always done to follow the culture. It is done according to the belief that the God Karma will be bestowed on the family and the man and the family will be blessed by the almighty.

6. Number one orchid exporter

There are about 1500 orchid is grown all over the country’s forests and jungles. Out of them, around 45% is exported to various countries and the remaining 55% is sold in the local market. You can find the exotic flowers in various areas like markets, shopping centers, temples, and festivals.

Thailand Orchid Exporter

It is also very common to see orchids growing on the roadside between the electricity cables. Thailand tourism attracts a large number of people for this reason.

7. It is disrespectful to touch someone head

In Thai culture, it is considered to be disrespect to touch one’s head even it is a child. Head is said to be the most critical part of the body. A person’s head is always lower than the elder people’s head or high authority’s head.

On the other hand, feet are considered as a sign of attachment to the ground and that is the reason for all the human suffering and struggle. Whenever a person sits on the floor the feet should not point others or the temple.

8. Home to smallest and the biggest creatures

Thailand serves as home to one-tenth of the animal species all around the world. The smallest mammal, Craseonycteris thonglongyai popular as bumble bat that has weight only 2 grams lives in the land of Smiles.

Moreover, you can also find a number of whale sharks, the biggest fish all around the world. Besides these one other factor to attract Thailand tourism is the world’s biggest living lizard that can grow up to 7 feet.

9. Largest city name

Bangkok, a place in Thailand hold the city that has the longest name “Krung Thep Mahanakhon Amon Rattanakosin Mahintharayuttaya Mahadilok Phop Noppharat Ratchathani Burirom Udomratchaniwet Mahasathan Amon Phiman Awatan Sathit Sakkathattiya Witsanukam Parsit”.

10. The language of the country

One of the things to do in Thailand is to explore the languages spoken there. Even Thai is considered to be the official language of the country; it is spoken by one of many.

You can also find many languages like Chinese, Akha, Khmer, Malay, Leo, and Karen. You also find some other languages spoken by the people belonging to other small ethnic groups.

Generally, a tourist place will always provide you with fun, joy, and memories. Also, while selecting some places like Thailand, it paves a way to enjoy the place and explore them as well.

Hence, make sure to research, choose the right place to visit and have quality time with your family or friends.