Story of Mata Vaishno Devi – An end of vanity


Major Places Of Darshan:

These are the major places of darshan, to see and worship, anyone who visits Vaishno Devi Shrine should visit these places.

  • Banganga
  • Charan Paduka
  • Ardhkuwari Cave
  • Main Cave, Where three holy pindies are located.
  • Baba Bhairo nath temple.



Yes it’s in India. This is the first train route built on such a height.

Located in Jammu & Kashmir. You can go to Jammu by air, road or train. From Jammu you can take road transport to Katra. Recently Indian Railways have developed a station in Katra and you can directly go to Katra by train. This railway route from Udhampur to Katra is the highest rail route in the world. You will enjoy the beauty of nature during the journey to the fullest.


can’t stop to share that, amazing scenery.


Legend of Banganga:


Banganga originates.

She also met Lord Hanuman in her journey. In order to end thirst of Lord Hnuman, she striked the mountains with her bow and arrow. Water came out from there. Maa Vaishnavi also washed her hair in that water. This place is now known as Banganga.

Legend of Charan Paduka:


Charan Paduka Temple in the route

After that Mata ran towards the top with Lord hanuman and rested or relaxed at a place. This place have foot prints engraved on the mountain, this is now known as Charan Paduka.

Legend of Ardhkuwari:


Natural Pindi Darshan

she asked Lord Hanuman to stop Bhaironath from entering a cave where she meditated for 9 months. Lord Hanuman faught with Bhaironath for nine months and in the end Bhaironath came to know about the cave where Maa vaishnavi was meditating. When he started entering the cave Mata tore open the cave from other side with her trident and ran ahead to the top. This place is now known as Ardhkuwari.

Legend of Main Cave and Bhairo Baba Temple:


Main Bhawan where cave is located

Mata reached to a beautiful cave in the folding of trikuta mountains. She entered the cave and kept Lord Hanuman as the guard. When Bhaironath succeeded in entering the cave Mata Vaishnavi warned him to return but he refused. Then Mata Vaishnavi took the shape of fierce goddess Mata MahaKali and killed Bhaironath.

The Head of Bhaironath flew and fell 8 kilometers away from that cave. Bhaironath temple is situated at this place only. After death Bhaironath felt sorry for his conduct and also repented for forgiveness. Mata forgave him and also gave him a boon that, darshan of her devotees will only be completed when they will visit Bhaironath temple as well. Every devotee   visiting Mata vaishnodevi also visits Bhaironath temple.

After that Mata Vaishnavi took shape of a rock with three face shaped pindies in that cave. Mata also appeared in the dreams of Shridhar and guided him to search for the holy cave in the Trikuta mountains. Shridhar succeeded in that mission. When Shridhar reached the holy cave, three supreme energies Mata Maha Lakshmi, Mata Maha Saraswati and Mata MahaKali appeared before him and introduced him to the three pindies. They also gave Shridhar a boon to have 4 sons. After that all three went invisible into the respective pindies.


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