Six Healthy Breakfast For Your Family


Greek Yogurt


This tasty, creamy yogurt contains the large amount of calcium and protein which is twice as much as the normal yogurt. It keeps your stomach full throughout the morning. You can also add some fruits which you like to add flavor on it, really it is quick and easy breakfast.


It is one of the healthy foods which you can add in your diet plan and take it as a breakfast. One interesting facts about this is, it contain the fiber (named as beta-glucan) that help in reducing cholesterol from body and keep your heart healthy. It also rich in omega3 fatty acid that prevent you from over eating by keep your stomach full.


Wheat Germ

Wheat germs on a white background

You can also use wheat germ in your breakfast as it has been easily used with many other food like you can sprinkle it with cereals, mix with yogurt or mix it with shake. Only two table spoon of oats can fulfill the daily need of vitamin E (that is 15%) and folate also known as vitamin of the B complex (approx 10%) of human body.



Everyone knows that banana is one of the healthy fruits and you can also eat it by mix it with cereals and oatmeal, as it contain the natural sweetness so you may not need to add additional sugar. It is the rich source of carbohydrates that keeps your stomach full for a long time and also contain sufficient amount of potassium that keeps the blood pressure of the body normal. The breakfast of banana is also very useful for a person who suffers from the problem of hypertension.



It is the red juicy fruit which also comes in a category of negative calorie food because it contains only 40 calorie per cup and burns more than 40 calorie at the time of digestion that makes you slim by burning your fat. It is also the rich source Iycopene nutrient that found in red fruits and vegetables and very helpful to increase eye vision, to prevent cancer and to keep the heart healthy.



Strawberries are considered in a category of super foods because it contains the rich source of vitamin C and folic acid and by taking a cup of strawberry you fulfill the daily intake of vitamin C. It reduces the cholesterol of the body and keeps the heart healthy. 2013 study reveals that women likely to have less heart attack over 18 years if she ate more than three suitable quantities of strawberries per week.