A Secret Ritual To Fulfill Any Wish In Your Life: It Works

No matter what, If you do this with full concentration and belief, your wish will be fulfilled


As all of us have some wishes or dreams in on their life. The people does lots of hard work and do whatever they think is helpful to fulfill their wish in life. According to Dr Mahajan Phd in Vastu Shastra revealed the two secrets in his book “Pyramid Chikitsa” by which the person can easily make their dream come true.


Take a small wooden table and clean it with the clean water and placed it either in Pooja ghar (place of worship) or in  your bedroom. Take a piece of paper and write your wish on it and then put the paper on the table and place the pyramid over that piece of paper. Now you sit in the meditated position facing either north or east and then you put your right hand right above that pyramid and tell your wish nine times in your mind and repeat this process nine days. In this way your wish should be fulfill and the day in which your wish come true light a lamp (Deepak) with ghee and then burn that paper in which your wish is written with its flame then took the ash of the paper and through it in the open space and pray to god and give thanks to him.

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The Second One Is More Easy ?

Take a triangular piece of paper and write your wish with the red ink on it. Take the triangular pyramid and put above that paper in such a way that the whole area of the paper come under the pyramid,  in this way your “Pyramid Yantra” activated to attract the positive energy from the universe to fulfill your wish.


Things To Be Remember

1. Write the wish in less number of words as much as possible.

2. The wish should be positive or the purpose of the wish not bad.

3. It is also helpful for those who has a wish for their marriage but color of paper should be chosen according to your wish but write the wish always with red ink.


How To Choose The Color According To Your Wish:

Yellow Color Of Page: It should be use to gain blessing of god, goal achievement.

Blue Color Of Paper: It is use for a wish to get rid of a disease especially gastric problem, asthma, sniffles and flu diseases.

Orange Color Of Paper: The wish which is related ti increase mental power, brain power, and  problems related to minds.

Green Color Of Paper: It is helpful solve the marriage problems, to get your love,  piece of mind and for healthy life.

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