According To Narad Puran Touching These 8 Things Will Make You Poor And Unsuccessful: How To Become Rich Easily


Protection From Getting Poor:

As mentioned in great Narad Puran those people who knowingly or unknowingly touch any of these 8 things or come in contact with them in any way will become poor and unsuccessful in their life. If you want to be rich and successful in life then beware and keep distance from these 8 things.

In today’s life becoming rich means that your future is secured and you have sufficient earnings to pay back your loans and insurance premium. While becoming poor means your credit card bills are rising but earnings are not.

There will be no use of insurance policies which you might have taken for your security. If there are loans on your shoulders the burden will become unbearable. Credit card bills will rise high and condition can become so worse that you might have to keep your house as a mortgage.

So if you don’t want your credit to rise and your insurance policies to fail, please take a note of these things you should maintain distance with. Here we have mentioned 8 things, (which are given in Narad Puran) and if any one comes in contact with these things he will attract bad luck and poverty. So take a note !

1) Funeral: Dead person belongings

If you are attending any funeral and touch any belongings of the dead person or dead body of wood that is used to burn the dead body. The negative energies will surround you and bring you bad luck. Your Insurance policies will be of no use.


2) Never Throw Or Walk Over Food:

If while eating intentionally or unintentionally your food falls on the ground or you walk over the food lying on the ground. This is considered very bad symbol according to Narad Puran and will hinder your hardwork in becoming rich. See rest of the things in Next Page,

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