15 Amazing Unknown facts of Lord Krishna


Facts About Lord Krishna

If you have not heard about one of the most significant deities of one of the world’s largest organized religions, Lord Krishna, you must be living under a rock. Lord Krishna is one of the prominent Hindu Gods and is considering by millions in India and all over the world. Several religious organizations are caring to spread the word of Sri Krishna. If you want to know About Krishna, including some fantastic Facts About Lord Krishna, then you are in the right place.

Who is Lord Krishna?

If you are wondering exactly Who is Krishna? You can read the Mahabharata, Bhagwat Purana, and the Bhagavad Gita to know about his life. You will understand the legacy left by such a prominent figure in Hindu mythology and religion in the epics.

lord krishna facts

To summarise the Krishna story, we have to start with his birth. Born into the Yadava Clan, Lord Krishna is the eighth Avatar of Vishnu. He was born in imprisonment to Vasudeva and Devaki. Devaki’s corrupt brother, Kamsa, the king of Mathura, imprison Lord Krishna’s parents.

It was prophecized that Devaki’s child would slay Kamsa to outlive this prophecy, the impression the couple and murdered all the children. After Lord Krishna’s birth, he was quickly run out of Mathura across the Yamuna river to Gokul. There the leader of cowherds, Nanda, and his wife, Yashoda, adopt him. Thus, the story and the legacy of Shri Krishna started.

There are numerous stories about him and his adventures. Even children enjoy his stories, which are generally explaining by their grandparents about Balkrishna. These are stories about his childhood and the mischief he was upto all the time.

Lord Krishna is attaching with Makhan that he uses to steal when he was a kid. He is considered the best flute player in the universe, and anybody who would listen to its melody would get entranced.

Interesting Sri Krishna Teaching Lessons

If you want to know about Krishna’s theology and the impact of the deity in the lives of so many followers, then read the manuscripts. In the ancient manuscripts, you will find Krishna Teaching LessonsThese lessons are at the heart of the reason why Lord Krishna is so revered among the masses. His sublime teachings penetrate the hearts of the followers because they want to lead a life of purity. To give you an idea, here are some teachings of Shri Krishna:

  • Be of service to your fellow beings as being in service of humankind is the same as doing Service to God.
  • One should not give up on one’s passion and always drive towards fulfilling what they love to do.
  • Selfless love is the key to happiness, fulfillment, and also mukti or enlightenment.
  • Be respectful and always show gratitude towards others.
  • Be generous. Lord Krishna was always helpful, and his generosity towards his friend Sudama is a very famous story to account for this.
  • Always learn to smile even during challenging times in life. Lord Krishna, unlike any other child, was born smiling. Even during difficult times, he still had a smile on his face.

Unknown Facts About Lord Krishna

If you are more curious about the deity, here are some fantastic unknown Krishna facts. These facts will show just how enigmatic and charismatic the deity is.

lord krishna facts

1. Lord Krishna’s name basically means dark-complexioned. This can be understood by his skin color, which is generally depicted as either black or blue.

2. Lord Krishna has many other names, which is upto 180. Some of the most famous names are Gopal, Govind, Shyam, Hari, Ghanshyam, etc.

3. Lord Krishna had 16,108 wives, including his most famous wife, Rukmini. Out of these women, the eight most prominent wives of Lord Krishna are known as Ashtabharya. The other 16,000 women became his wives after he rescued them from the clutches of a demon. The demon had kept the women in captivity, and after these women were released, their families refused to affect the women back. To restore their honor and to give them a new lease on life, Lord Krishna married them. However, he never had any conjugal relations with them.

4. Despite the detail in most images beside Radha, Shri Krishna and Radha’s Leela do not detect ancient scriptures.

5. Lord Krishna is also a part of the Jain religion. There is mention of his name in Buddhism as well as Baha’i faith religion.

6. Lord Krishna does not age. He holds the power of the universe within his being, and that is why even after years of being in this realm, his earthly body does not age.

7. Lord Krishna is actually related to the Pandavas. He is actually the cause and because his father Vasudev is the brother to Kunti, the mother of the Pandavas.

8. Lord Krishna is considered to be the reincarnation of God. He shares similar power and glory as that of the stories of Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha, Abraham, Moses, and the Bab.

9. Draupadi is actually known as Lord Krishna’s sister. This is because Draupadi is the reincarnation of goddess Parvati where Lord Krishna is the reincarnation of Vishnu. Sins Vishnu and Parvati are siblings; Draupadi and Krishna are also similarly related.

10. Lord Krishna died because it is said that he had been cursed by a number of people, mainly Gandhari and sage Durvasa.

11. Even though his clan was cursed, he did not felt the need to do anything to stop it. This is because he considered the Yadav’s getting transformed into an immoral race. He wanted them to perish and accepted the end by calmly saying tathastu. Tathastu in Sanskrit means ‘so be it.’

12. Panchjanya, lord Krishna’s conch, was used as the war cry for the Pandavas. It was blown at the start of the battle, which sent powerful reverberations all over the world. It was blown again to signify the good’s victory after the Pandavas had emerged victorious from the battle.

13. Like it is said, the Ekalavya, the most famous archer of hindu mythology, was killed by Lord Krishna. This is because he grew too prideful and starting to astray from the path of righteousness. Ekalavya had joined forces with Lord Krishna’s Shishupala and Jarasandha to stop Krishna from rescuing Rukmini.

14. Lord Krishna helped resurrect his Guru Sandipani Muni’s son. At the request of his Guru along with Balrama, his brother, Lord Krishna, had traveled to the God of Death of Yama. He did this to retrieve the boy from his famous counch where in which the boy was trapped by a demon.


All of these beautiful facts about lord Krishna make him powerful Hindu gods. Devotees every year celebrate his life during his birthday in a lavish style in the Janmashtami festival. What are facts you can understand why so many people worship Vasudev Krishna? Stories surrounding his life keep inspiring and motivating his followers. They are moralistic tales and facts about his life that are leading to a better experience.