Looking for Happy married life??…….Vastu Shastra will help you.


There are so many kinds of people in this world. Some people believes in Shastra or some not. But there is so many things which we can easily follow and can gain a peace in life. Even there are so many things also going around us.With this fast running life and in between busy schedule, what we all need is to live peaceful and successful life. In this your life partner also plays an important role, but do you ever think what makes you sad even if you have money, a good life partner etc.

Life becomes easy and peaceful if the things around you and your life partner is compatible. Vastu plays a very important in the same, imbalance in Vaastu may become the cause of non-compatibility with your life partner. This what you need to realize, you may feel happy when you are not at your home but after coming at home you can notice the change in a mood.

As per the Vastu Shastra, if your home is not properly balanced, may welcome problems and sadness in your married life. Here are few things, which can help you in balancing the Vaastu at your home:

1, No mirrors in bedroom:


It sounds little bit weird but don’t keep mirrors in bedroom. It may lead to arguments, disagreements between the couple. Also avoid Computer and T.V in bedroom as they will reflect like a mirror. But for a small house, it’s difficult to manage a different place for mirrors, TV, computers. So, if you place mirrors, T.V and Computer in bedroom, cover them with a cloth while sleeping in the night. As the main thing, we need to avoid the reflection of bed.

2, Use light colors for bedroom:


Don’t paint your bedroom walls with dark colors especially red color, use light colors like light green, sky blue etc. as they create light and smooth ambience which helps to refresh your mood.

3, Use wooden beds:


Don’t use metal beds for a married couple. Always use wooden beds with regular shape. Also try to avoid the bed with storage in it.It minimizes the tension between the couple. Try to avoid bed under the beam as it.

4, Don’t decorate your room with Bonsai and thorny plants:


Bonsai plants looks different and mostly use to decorate but don’t use these to decorate a bedroom of married couple. It brings negativity.

5, Sleeping Directions:


Avoid sleeping in north-east of bedroom. Avoid strictly placing of bed in northern and eastern zone as these zones welcomes financial instability, mental stress in married life. Especially if you are married couple, never use north-east bedroom.

Avoid sleeping in south-east direction also, as it may lead to clashes between couples because this direction comes as fireplace in Vastu.

6, Painting:


Avoid paintings which contains water bodies like waterfall, river etc. or which symbolize death, violence and negative aspects of life. Which creates a negative ambience.

7, Sleeping Position:


If couple heads towards the south while sleeping helps to gain positive magnetic energy that flows from the north can easily enter their body, without disrupting the flow of blood or affecting sleep.

8, Electrical Gadgets:


The electro-magnetic wave of electrical gadgets disrupts sleep. Also increases tensions and rifts between partners. Make sure these gadgets must be placed with a good distance from bed.

Try to use these methods and find a way for a happy married life.


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