Kodinhi – Mysterious Village of Twins In Kerala, India


Kodinhi is a village situated in the district of Malappuram in Kerala, India. This village is located around 30 km west of Malappuram and 35 km south of Calicut. This village is dominated by Muslim’s population and less number of Hindu’s families also living here. There are 2000 people living in this village and all are keep their rich tradition by celebrating their respective festivals. It is the unspotted village which is surrounded by back water and not unlikely other parts flecking the Indian countryside.

Mystery about the village


Kodinhi comes in the international spotlight when its mystery was come to know that this village has large number of twin’s birth rate in the world. Out the population of 2000 families, this village has 500 pairs of twins. It was outlined that there was a birth of 15 pairs in 2009 alone. In this village the 10% of the total population are twins.

It has been reported that the twins’ birth rate of village kodinhi is even more than India as well as world. According to report, the twins birth rate of India is 4 out of every 1000 and the global rate of twins birth is 6 out of every 1000 but the twins birth rate in Kodinhi is more than 44 out of 1000 birth, which indicate that the rate of twins birth of this town is approx 7 times the global one’s.

According to the villagers the event of twins’ birth is happening in the village since 1949 and one more interesting fact about this village is that the twins’ birth rate continuously inflating even if the woman married a man outside the village or the man married to woman who has not been belonged to this village. In Kodinhi there is a twins of every age group and no one understand yet that how and why this event happening.


Local Dr Krishnan Sribiju spending a lot of time since past some years to discover the facts behind this phenomena of twins’ birth rate and according to him the number to twins pair in this village is far higher than that show’s in record and also the rate of the twins birth is increases every year.

Is there any scientific logic behind it?        


The researchers from different part of the country like India, Germany and UK had started their investigation on this phenomena and also collecting the sample of the saliva of twins’ pair to find the actual reason behind it by separating their DNA. They work enthusiastically so that they can reveals the mystery of this village in front of the world that why this village has a large number of twins birth rate and what are the scientific factors responsible for this phenomena.

But the presence of more than 500 twins of different age group in the village still remains a mystery for the scientists and till now there is no data which gives a scientific logic behind these twinning phenomena of Kodinhi.