10 Signs To Know If a Person Truly Loves You


6, Whether s/he gives you space.

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If the person not always wants to be around you but also gives you some space so that you can do your own personal work is also the sign of true love, because if the person always wants to be around you then its not shows his/her true love but the feelings of insecurities with you.

7, Commitment towards his/her Promise.

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See whether your loved one is always stick towards his/her own promise without bothering it that you realize or not. As if the person loves someone then s/he never broke her/his promise in any cost.

8, Determine whether your loved one completely understand you.

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The wall of true love is completely stands on the base of true understanding. Identify if s/he knows that what you want, what you like and what make you happy. If s/he take completely care about your feelings then it is the sign of true love.

9, If the person has any expectation.

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If your loved one is always with you in any situation whether it is good or bad without any further expectation from your side is the sign of true love. In true love person always have a feeling to give not to take from the loved one.

10, If the person listen to you.

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If s/he loves you then s/he not only talkative to you but also listen to you even if hear it all before. S/he does not switch the subject not like by him or her and always listen carefully to you without bother about his/her interest.

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