According to the study published in “The Lancet” from the Global Burden of Disease it estimates that the smoking causes more than one in ten deaths worldwide (approx 6.4 million deaths) and 50% of this value is contributed by just four countries China, India, US and Russia.

The data examined of 195 countries between the period of 1990 and 2015 based on smoking shows that the smoking remains a major risk factor for death and disability even many countries making tobacco polices to reduce the smoking prevalence


Senior author Dr Emmanuela Gakidou of Institute for Health Matrics and Evalution at the university of Washington USA said that despite more than half a century of ambiguous proof of harmful effect of tobacco today, one in four men in the world is daily smoker. Smoking is the second largest factor in the world for the early death and disability so further reduce its impact we have to escalate tobacco control to further reduce the smoking prevalence.

According to Indian government more than 5500 youth start using tobacco every day whereas approx 35% of adults consume tobacco in some form and also more than 25% female starts tobacco consumption before the age of 15 in our country.