दूसरों की मन की बात जानने का तरीका: Reading Minds, How To Read Minds


How To Read Minds: दूसरों की मन की बात जानने का तरीका, Reading Minds

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Mind Reading Tricks, Face Reading, Mind reader, दूसरों की मन की बात जानने का तरीका (सिर्फ आँखों से), Learn reading mind through eyes. How to read minds in hindi, see mind reading tricks in hindi, how to read mind for beginners. These are some mind tricks which are used to evaluate people’s mind with the help of their eye shapes, eye movements, eye blinking and eye twitching. If you look or gaze continuously in the eyes of other you can hypnotize him/her, Apart from hypnotism which is a tough job, by closely judging the eye shapes, eye movements and blinking of the eyes you can know what exactly is going in the mind and heart of that person. Eyes are the best part in the face to show facial expressions.

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