10 Easy Ideas To Keep Your Hair Oil Free And Grease Free For A Long Time Without Washing


Many people ask how to keep your hair clean without washing it every day?

We have summarized some of the easy remedies for greasy hair, these remedies will allow you to keep your hair shiny and clean for a longer time. You will not find the necessity to wash your hair daily, as washing hair daily affects its health and we don’t have time as well.


Use Regenerated Or Boiled Water:

best-water-for -hair-wash-hair-growth
Use Boiled, distilled, RO water for Hair wash. Cool down water after boiling

Normal shower water is hard and will affect your hair. Cold water also closes the cuticle and shampoos and conditioners can’t do their job right. Warm water opens these cuticles (hair openings) which will allow deep penetration of shampoo and conditioners.

So, rather than using normal tap water to wash your hair, you can use boiled water or regenerated water (RO filtered water) for hair wash. Temperature of boiled water should be 38 degree Celsius. Just boil water and then let it cool down to Luke warm state and use it. Boiled and RO water is considered as the best water for hair wash.


Correct Use Of Hair Care Products:

Spray Is Better than oil

Incorrect use of hair care products like serum, hair nourishing products and hair oils on thin and brittle hair can lead to further thinning hair, hair loss and even stop hair growth. Hair serum and hair oil are completely different and not intended for the same use.

While correct use of hair care products can lead to hair growth. Use hair oils two times a week, sprays and serums can be used in small quantity as needed. Always use small quantity of hair care products. Sometimes oil in your head may steal your fairness as well.


Brush V/S Comb – what’s better?

Combing or Brushing. Combing is better

Brushing your hair more often activates hair follicles and it attracts dust and hair gets greasy. So avoid to comb or brush your hair when it is not necessary. Always try to use comb in place of brush, also don’t touch your scalp with comb or brush you are using.


Natural Hair Styles Are Better:

Go natural don’t use much hair styling products to style your hair

Try not to use hair styling products daily. As all the hair styling products provide a base for the dust to settle and make hair unclean and greasy. If you want to do a ponytail, avoid using a lot of sprays to make every curl. Try to make styles like a bun or ponytail with your natural hair without using hair styling products.


Use Shampoo Not Having SLS: Less Foam Shampoo

Use Less Foam Shampoo For Better results.

Sometime it is found that shampoo containing SLS make the scalp skin dry and which causes the hair to get dirty fast. Is this the same case with you change your shampoo to a SLS-free version. However shampoos containing SLS have been proved to be safe for the humans.

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