How These Vastu Tips Make Your Child Genius By Increasing Mental Ability And Enthusiasm


In this article you are going to know some secrets of vastu shastra that help you to understand the factors on which you have to focus to make your child genius. These are the tips which not only increases the mental ability of your child but also the self confidence which make him always active and helpful to become a brilliant performer.


Do You Know Which Direction Is Best For Study Room?



According to vastu the study room should be in north-east direction in your house which is also known as ‘Ishan’ in Hindi. This direction is the place of god and the face of the student should be in the direction of either north or east while studying.


How Should Be The Interior Of Study Room?

There should be the poster of Goddess Saraswati who is revered as a goddess of knowledge, music and art. You can also place the poster of some famous personality by which he/she always motivate and take that personality as a role model in his/her life. If he has an interest in sports then you should place the picture of some famous sportsperson. There should be facility of proper light in the room.

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There should not be a horror, naughty and demotivated posters placed in the study room. Do not use the dark color in the room because it breaks the concentration of the student.

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