Home Remedies For Getting Pregnant Fast: Curing Infertility In Women (बाँझपन)


Getting  pregnant is the most happiest moment of one’s life. When you become pregnant you are about to bring the most beautiful creation of nature “a human being”. Getting pregnant feeling is the best feeling in any women’s life.


But many women face problems getting pregnant, there may be various reasons for that. There may be many reasons for not conceiving like women infertility, men infertility and there are several. There are several doctor who can give you several medicines and will assure that they will cure your infertility, this can happen too. But there are several side effects of infertility treatment. And there is no guarantee of the infertility treatment that you will definitely conceive (become pregnant).

Read till the end to find the best remedy for getting pregnant, without any side effects.

Home Remedies For Avoiding Miscarriage:


This home remedy is also helpful for those women who become pregnant but have to go for abortion due to miscarriage (it means spontaneous abortion or pregnancy loss , when the baby inside your stomach dies naturally before getting developed to live independently). There are several miscarriage reasons. We will not talk about the reason for miscarriage, but will talk about how to prevent miscarriage.

Now let’s look the Ayurvedic treatment for Infertility and treatment for miscarriage: 

  1. Take a cup of Pomegranate (अनार जूस) juice.
  2. Take very small quantity of Limestone (चूना). Quantity of Limestone should be equal to the size of a wheat grain (गेहूं के दाने के बराबर).
  3. Mix Limestone (चूना) in the juice of pomegranate (अनार) properly.
  4. Drink this juice every morning on an empty stomach.
  5. This will cure Infertility in women and women will conceive easily without any medication.
  6. Women should keep on drinking this mixture (pomegranate juice and small quantity of lime stone) daily on an empty stomach, even after getting pregnant, this will help you avoid miscarriage.
  7. Continue this mixture daily for the entire nine months of pregnancy, as this will make your baby healthy and strong, and the childbirth will be normal vaginal delivery and you will also avoid cesarean section operation for delivery.


Read about how to get a normal or vaginal childbirth and avoid cesarean operation (C-Section), click here.


Benefits Of Pomegranate Juice (अनार जूस) :

It has Iron in abundance and any women needs Iron to get pregnant and to avoid miscarriage. It will also make the baby healthy. Helps to avoid miscarriage and also helps to avoid caesarean section child birth.

Benefits of Eating Limestone (चूना) : 

It has calcium in abundance and calcium is the most important ingredient thing to conceive a baby. Calcium also makes the baby strong and healthy. Eating Limestone daily even after getting pregnant will reduce the risk of miscarriage. Eating Limestone daily for nine months of pregnancy will also help in normal vaginal child birth and you can also avoid caesarean section operation for child birth.

This simple home remedy does not have any side effects and is very effective. Any women who are not able to conceive (गर्भधारण ना कर पाना) will definitely conceive (sooner or later) after doing this regularly for a long period of time.

 This will also prevent miscarriage (गर्भपात).

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