What to have on a healthy diet that gives you an attractive body.


healthy muscles

As we know that the healthy and attractive body is the basic need of every person. As we know the proverb used by our ancestor that “पहला सुख निरोगी काया |”, it means that the very first and fundamental need of every person should be to have a healthy and attractive body. But we all know that this factor is totally depends on our diet, because our body works due to the energy taken from the food that we eat. It has been revealed in research that every one of us knows that proper diet should be very important for the healthy body but 80% of us not even know that what and how we have to take diet for healthy and attractive body.

There are some rules and restriction that we all have to follow for proper diet plan. Like,  always eat food with happy mood in a relax posture, because if someone take a food when he/she is in tension, tired and in an angry mood then it is better to remain hungry at that time because it is very harmful for body. The person who does lots of physical work needs more nutritious food as compared to those who does less physical work. It is suggested for the pregnant women and the children to take heavy diet as compared to fatty person.

Imbalance in nutrition can produce various diseases in the body so it better to take proper diet for the healthy body.  Now let see that what should be the formula for healthy diet.

1, Protein.


Protein is very essential for the development of our body. The body always keeps in changing itself in the new form with the help of the protein. The protein is very beneficial to increase height and weight.

According to the National Research Council of Britain the need of protein for body in grams is same as the weight of the body in kilograms. Example if the weight of the person is 70 kg then the need of protein for his body is only 70 grams.

Sources of Protein: Milk, pulse, peanuts, soybeans, cashew nuts, fish, eggs and cheese.

2, Carbohydrate


The carbohydrate plays the role of engine for the body, because it burns and produces heat to give an energy to the body. The person who does physical work needs more carbohydrates as compared to the person who does mental work.

Source of Carbohydrates: Rice, tomato and wheat.

3, Fat

pouring milk in a glass isolated against white background

Fat is the rich source of energy for our body. It has been said by the doctors that fat is the big treasure of energy because an amount of fat gives more than twice of the energy as compared to the combination of the same amount of protein and carbohydrate. The 25% of the energy need of the body is fulfilled with the fat itself. There are many other advantages of fat and some of them are-

a,  It gives the glowing skin.

b,  It strengthen the muscles of the body.

c,  It protects the body from the skin diseases.

d, It makes balance between the temperature of the body and environment.

4, Minerals

Minerals are also one of the important needs of the body. There are 18 types of minerals but two of them are most important for the human body and they are calcium and iron. Calcium helps in development of bones and iron helps in producing blood in the human body. Only 20-30 grams of iron is the need for human body.

Sources of Calcium: Milk, curd, jiggery, lemon, soybeans, raisins (किशमिश), cardamom (इलायची), ladyfinger and cheese.

Sources of Iron: Fenugreek (मेथी), wheat, spinach, turmeric, black chili and neem.