Health Benefits Of LimeStone: From Good Height To Curing Impotence!!


1According to a scripture Ashtanga  Hridayam written by Maharishi Vagbhata limestone can cure 70 diseases in human body. From giving good height to kids and curing serious ailments like impotency in men. Let’s have a look at the major components of Limestone.

Limestone is a mixture of Calcium carbonate and calcium magnesium carbonate. Calcium is the major component and our bones are made up of calcium itself. So eating limestone is considered to be direct intake of calcium.

Yes!! We are talking about the same limestone (chuna) which is used in Pan shop. You can bring one pack of Limestone (chuna) from ‘Paan shop’ and keep it in your home.

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Male and Female Impotence:


Limestone (Chuna) is used to treatment for impotence in males. In order to increase the sperm count in men, One should be given very small quantity of limestone (chuna) mixed in sugarcane juice daily. In a period of 2 years impotence can be cured completely.

In females if ovaries are not producing eggs and female becomes infertile. These females should eat Limestone(chuna) mixed in sugarcane juice.



Useful for Good Height in Childrens:


Every mother should give small quantity (equal to size of wheat grain) of limestone (chuna) mixed with curd or pulses (dal) or water, once daily. This will increase the mental capacity, remembering power. It will increase height of the children to an Ideal height.

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