Ghost Stories : 10 Most Haunted Places in the World

ghost stories

Real Ghost Stories

In ghost stories, ghost houses or haunted houses are houses or other buildings that are perceived as home to disembodied spirits of the dead people. These people may have been the former owners or residents of such properties.

There are several sightings of haunted places around the world. Now let’s have a look at some of the most haunted places across the world. If you are a fan of ghost stories, paranormal activities, and terror, then you can keep reading top 10 haunted places listed below.

Changi Hospital Singapore

ghost stories

Changi hospital in Singapore was once owned by the British. But the hospital was captured by the Japanese in the Second World War and they made it a hospital for the war prisoners. Later the facility was handed over to the SAF for treating servicemen. Right now, the Changi hospital is vacant and had has been like this for years together.

There are several rumors and ghost stories about the Changi hospital stating that the Japanese used the hospital for torturing prisoners of war instead of treating them. And that they have done shadows and screams heard in the halls of the facility.

The Castle of Brissac, France

The Castle of Brissac also called “Giant of the Loire Valley” is the tallest castle in Floors. The castle has numerous portrait galleries, 204 rooms, and seven floors. It also has an opera house that can seat 200 people.

Presence of ghosts: La Dame Verte is the most active ghost. She was apparently King Charles VII’s illegitimate child. In the 15th century, her husband murdered her for having an affair. Also known as the “Green Lady,” La Same Verte is frequently seen in the chapel’s tower room. It is said that she wears her green dress whenever she is seen.

When not suffering guests by appearing out of nowhere, her moaning could be heard in the castle. This makes the place a haunted house that most people are scared of.

Eltz Castle, Germany

Germany with a lot of spooky locations has its fair share of ghost houses. Eltz, a picturesque castle is said to be occupied the original family’s descendants. The surprise is that these are not the only people that decided to stick around. People who visited this castle say they spotted the spirits of medieval knights patrolling the building.

It is one among the few castles that are considered to be one for the haunted places in the country which were not destroyed. The Gothic atmosphere is believed to cater to the living as well as the dead.

Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital, South Korea

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The exterior of Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital in South Korea. The building was abandoned nearly twenty years ago, but never demolished.

Gonjiam, and in a psychiatric facility in South Korea was closed down in the late 90s after the occurrence of some scary stuff. Several reports about dreadful experiments on patient started leaking and the hospital’s head fled to the USA. Investigators then found a lot of dead patients whose death remained unexplained.

The hospital was abandoned by all the furniture beds and medical equipment. Ghost Hunters or Ghostbusters constantly visit the hospital admit that they get chills while walking inside the facility.

Polveglia, Italy

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Polveglia, one of the most haunted places around, is a small island not too distant from Venice. It has several outward signs of haunted destinations. The island was previously inhabited by refugees at the time Ottoman conflicts. Also, the place was used for housing sick patients to keep them from the mainland.

It is said that a doctor who was practicing some medical procedures on the local patients, killed himself. And that he did so, a result of the ghosts’ activities of people who lived there.

The Spaghetti Warehouse, Texas

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It is a restaurant located in Houston, Texas has its share of ghost stories. This restaurant was once a pharmaceutical warehouse. Most of the paranormal activities seem to occur on the building’s 2nd floor. And this is where the warehouse’s owner died when he was working on an elevator.

However, he is the not the one who haunts the building; it’s his wife who comes in search of him once the restaurant is closed. Her spirit is seen wandering around, moving chairs and rearranging table settings.

Walsh Mansion, Washington, D.C

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Walsh Mansion, the now Indonesian Embassy is among the most haunted buildings in Dupont Circle. It is reported that the ghost that haunts the mansion is Evelyn Walsh, the former owner of this haunted house. Only in Your State reports that Evelyn was the last person to own the Hope Diamond.

The Omni Downtown, Texas

The Omni Downtown, a hotel offers restful and pleasant experiences for those who travel Austin. The hotel also offers unpleasant experiences to people. People who visited this place state some ghost stories that they encountered the ghost of a person named Jack. He committed suicide in this hotel.

Employees and guests have mentioned that have heard Jack’s ghost wandering around in vacant rooms. Once a woman’s did that during his stay at the hotel she felt like someone was their very close to her. She also stated that she felt like someone or something tried to kiss her.

Lizzie Borden House, Massachusetts

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Massachusetts home to Boston and Salem witch trials is well known for having a few spookiest spots in the nation. However, the haunted spot is in Fall River, where the Lizzie Borden house is located. This is the place where Ms. Borden supposedly murdered her stepmother and father in 1892.

Though she was exculpated, the two disastrous souls have been staying put in the building after their unexpected death.

Down Hill, Kurseong, West Bengal

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Kurseong, a soothing pacifying hill station, has a Down Hill area that is labeled as a haunted location due to spooky stories linked to it. People in this locality say they hear footsteps near them very frequently. This hill station has seen numerous unsolved murder mysteries. Woodcutters and laborers in the locals say that they have seen a headless boy’s shadow in the forest.

Hence, these are the 10 most haunted places in the world. Anyone who loves ghost stories, haunted house, jump scares and spooky experiences and encounters that result in goosebumps should visit these places to have fun.

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