These Gemstones Will Bring You Success, If Chosen According To Profession.


According to the Vedic astrology wearing a right gemstone can bring miracle in a life. There are total nine planets and each one of them represents a specific aspect of our life. People can choose right gemstone to solve the problem in their life. Each gemstone has their positive and negative impact in the life. Each gemstone is associated with specific profession and right choice of it can bring you success in life. Let see how these gemstone can be helpful in a specific profession.

1, Ruby (माणिक्य)


Ruby is a precious stone which is also known as ‘Manik’ in Hindi. Its mystical power is renowned by everyone and attracts almost all individual. It is treated as one of the admirable gemstone in Hinduism. According to the Vedic astrology ruby is the gemstone of sun, the king of all zodiac. The sun is the source of vital energy and soul of the universe. The ruby gemstone assimilates (absorb) utmost energy from the sun, making it one of the strongest gemstone among all.


Some of the professions for which the ruby is very beneficial are government employee, ministers, executives, employee of the forest department, medicinal business, ortho specialists, heart specialists and contractors.

How to wear it

Wear it in a gold ring in your ring finger of right hand on Sunday.

2, Pearl (मोती)


Pearl is the gemstone found in the depth of an ocean and created in the soft tissue of shelled mollusk. Pearl is made up of calcium carbonate and its basic color is white. It is also found in some other colors like yellow, blue, pink, silver and even dark. According to the Vedic astrology it is gemstone of the moon, with emotion, character, vision and wealth.


Pearl is beneficial for person have the business of silver jewelry, water, , travel agency, agriculture, food products and rice. It is also suitable for psychologist and gynecologists.

How to wear it

Wear it in your little finger of your right hand in a silver ring on Monday.

3, Red Coral (मूंगा)


Red coral is made up of a skeleton of hard colonial sedentary that together form a colony. According to the Vedic astrology it is also known as moonga gemstone of Mars. Mars is the god of warfare and commander-in-chief of the planetary system. It represents the vitality, energy, blood circulation and ambition.


This gemstone is beneficial for metallurgy engineer, property dealer, electrician, lawyer, sheaf, surgeon and weapons manufacturer.

How to wear it

Wear this gemstone in your ring finger of right hand in the ring of either copper or gold.

4, Emerald (पन्ना)


Emerald is one of the most beautiful and attractive gemstone among all. It is the stone made up of the mineral beryl and the metal chromium that reflects the bluish-green color to which it is famous for its center of attraction. It is also renowned throughout human history as Mughals empire is very fond of this gemstone. According to Vedic astrology it represents the mercury. Mercury legislate the knowledge and judgment of an individual. It also represent the ability of communication. It is also concerned with the skin, discourse and sensory system.


It is very beneficial for the policy agents, writers, brokers, accountant, publishers, teachers, bank employees and engineers. It is also helpful for the person who wants to do business of courier agency.

How to wear it

Wear it in your little finger of the right hand in a gold ring on Wednesday.

चाय पीने के पहले इसमें उपस्थित इन तीन विषैले पदार्थों के बारे में जानलें

5, Yellow Sapphire (पुखराज)


It is the light yellow color attractive gemstone. It’s beautiful color and cuts easily draw an attention of an individual. According to Vedic astrology it represents the Jupiter. Jupiter is rewarded as the head teacher of all the planet in the planetary system. It is ell known for its influential forces that make positive impact on an individual. It is responsible for wealth, prosperity, fortune, marriage and bliss in the life.


It is very beneficial for employees of education department, bank employees, managers, publishers, spiritual gurus and consultants.

How to wear it

Wear it in your index finger of right hand in a gold ring on Thursday.

6, Diamond (हिरा)


It is the precious and emperor of the gemstone. It is the hardest known mineral and good conductor of heat and electricity. It has been renowned throughout the Indian history and were used as a religious ornaments, in business and for beautification. According to Vedic astrology it represents the Venus. Venus gives the happy married and luxurious life. It also grant creativity and uniqueness in thought and sharpen the memory.


It is very beneficial for the field of film industry, singer, jewelers, photographers, five star hotels, service industry, advertisement agency, beauty parlor, fashion and modeling industry, cosmetic, business of flowers and architects.

How to wear it

Wear the diamond either in your middle or little finger of right hand on any of gold, silver and platinum on Friday.

7, Sapphire (नीलम)


It is one of the strongest and fastest acting among all the gemstone and it is bluish in color. It is the gemstone which gives the results to many individual instantly by enhancing wealth, solving problem and instant success. According to Vedic astrology it represents the Saturn. Saturn is known as a karmic planet which gives results to an individual according to their karma’s. The period of the Saturn is either make or break the life of an individual.


It is beneficial for the field of rubber industry, dentist, agriculture, petroleum products, human resource, labor contractor and metal industry.

How to wear it

Wear it in your middle finger of right hand in a ring made of Panchdhatu on Saturday.


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