10 Unbelievable Teachings Of Garuda Purana


The Garuda Purana is one of the spiritual mahapurana out of 18 mahapurana present in Hinduism culture. In this Purana, most of the description is about Vaishnavism literature. It is based on Hindu God Vishnu and many more valuable things that we do not know before. 

Garuda Purana

Along with that, this Purana teaches many great facts about life and death as well. All the lessons of this Purana teach some innovative things that will help draw a different vision towards life. It elaborates on the theme and thought of the Hindu religion. It teaches that all gods live inside all human bodies and present outside of the body. 

There are various teachings and sayings are present in Garuda Purana. Another great fact about this Purana is, it will tell about the secrets of deaths and all happenings after death. This is not only an interesting Purana to go through but also full of unique moral values. Let’s discuss its teachings.

1.  Divulge all secrets of death

A uniqueness of Garuda Purana Teachings is that it talks about life, which will come after death. But along with that, it also describes death & aftermath, rebirth, the journey of the soul, etc. All these lessons are quite interesting because science also cannot disclose the mystery of death.

But Garuda Purana describes these things effectively. You can see 16 Samskaaras presents in Hindu Dharma. In its last part, you will find Anthyeshti, which is based on funeral rites.

2. Punishments mentioned in Garuda Purana

Garuda Purana Punishments

Garuda Purana contains nineteen thousand shlokas. This is divided into two parts, out of which the first part contains Purva khanda, and the rest contain Uttara khanda. According to their commitment of sins, these shlokas describe those punishments that are decided to give to human beings. The God Yamraj has decided those punishments. 

3. Detachment from physical body after death

Once a funeral is completed, then a soul lost its power of survival on earth. After death, the soul can feel a sense of complete freedom. There will be no boundaries present for a soul. Now that soul can freely roam and travel anywhere. 

For seven days after death, the soul can enjoy its favorite places like garden, morning walk, office, college, etc. During that period, a soul will stay near things for which he/she was quite possessive, like children, money, etc. 

4. Meeting with forefathers

On the 11th and 12th day of death, Hindus are conducted prayers and rituals for a dead soul piece. During that time soul gets the chance to unite with his relatives, ancestors, close friends, etc. 

At heaven, all ancestors are welcome to that new soul and greet them. All these things are happening exactly as we do after seeing our close one after a long period. 

5. Moral behind rebirth by Garuda Purana

Our rebirth is based on what you have agreed for in the agreement. We choose our life, parents, mother, etc. things during egg formation. After that, we were born in this beautiful universe. 

The place in which we are born is decided on our horoscope. That is called a blueprint of our entire life. Garuda Purana path is playing a pivotal role in matters of life and death.

6. Life is a precious gift of God

Garuda Purana’s teachings say that this life is a powerful and precious gift of God. After our life, the punishments are decided according to the sins of a person. For those punishments, that person needs to go to hell. 

It’s like a vicious circle because you may take birth again and again, then punishments; likewise, this circle may continue. 

7. Anti-Vedic acts are signatures of sins

Garuda Purana says that when a person commits any blunders or sins, his whole community is destroyed. Some signs are present for different sins. 

Garuna Purana

Some examples are a murderer of any Brahman becomes a consumptive; a cow killer will become hump-backed, etc. Likewise, a slayer of any woman will become a savage with different diseases. 

8. Women commit sins against husband are most unfortunate

Suppose a woman commits sins and wrong things against her alive or dead husband. Then she will not go to get a husband on her next birth. One woman should worship her husband. 

God can forgive her and can give her a peaceful life. In case she takes a rebirth, then also her life will be full of happiness. A wise woman should think about spirituality, mantras, miracles of Gods, etc. 

9. Garuda Purana Teaches about Yoga and Brahma Gita

The last chapters of Garuda Purana describe Yoga and their relevance. Along with that, it contains the morals of Brahma Gita. It describes different types of Asanas, their postures, benefits, etc. 

It also talks about meditation, self-knowledge, wisdom, Samadhi, etc. All these things are quite essential for a fit physical and mental body as well. These things can help to fight against long-term as well as short-term disease.

10. Tells about different sciences and diseases

Some of its chapters tell about different physical diseases of humans and animals. It also tells about different treatments for respective diseases. Here you can also find different veterinary care for horses.

These chapters will help cure disease and help to know about different types of infections. It has been proven that these tricks and formulas are quite effective for the long-term disease. Another great fact is that you will also get a chance to know about different medicines. 

All these above mentioned Garuda Purana Teachings have carries valuable meaning. These teachings are shows some unique prospect of life and death. Rather than these teachings, there are many other teachings present.

Garuda Purana saar is treated as a holy Purana among all Hindus. It is present from ancient times. It also constitutes the literature that deals with God, life, asuras, sages, science, arts, medicine, etc.

Many other teachings include different aspects present in Hinduism like idol-worship, pantheism, mythology, philosophy, love, superstition, ceremonies, festivals, etc. 

Benefits of Garuda purana

  1. It will allow you to chant its different mantras and shlokas.
  2. It helps to get rid of sins and illegal acts. 
  3. Helps a person to become good-hearted 
  4. When you understand it properly, then it removes all types of fears within you.
  5. If you chant Bhagwad Gita along with this Garuda Purana, you can achieve the ultimate mental peace level.  
  6. It makes human beings more responsible for their duties.
  7. It elaborately describes the whole journey of the soul, starting from birth to death. 
  8. Describes all punishments for different sins.
  9. It makes us aware of different diseases and their respective treatments.
  10. It teaches different Yoga, Asana, Pranayama, meditation, etc. along with their specifications and values. 

There are many other Garuda Purana teachings present, which are quite interesting. It teaches us the real meaning of life and death. It is because this type of quality description is so rare to find. Every human being should need to understand its importance and need to apply it in life. 

The most interesting fact is that it can take you to heaven because good work decides this. And Garuda Purana has that spiritual capability to lead you towards good things. You can also achieve your life goal so easily.