Following these easy steps on Thursday can make you rich


About Brihaspati Guru:

Guru Shri Brihaspati
Guru Shri Brihaspati

Thursday is dedicated to Dev Guru Brihaspati. He is the most important planets amongst the nine planets; he is also Guru of all the Devtaas (like Indra, Agni, Pawan etc.). People having a strong Brihaspati in their Kundali will always achieve success and will always lead.

It is believed that if a person does certain things on Thursday, it will bring him good luck. Many rich (so successful) people whom I interviewed shared the practices done by them on Thursday.  Let’s find out what these practices are….


Worshipping Lord Vishnu:

Lord Vishnu
Lord Vishnu

Goddess Lakshmi is the wife of Lord Vishnu, so if you have Lord Vishnu’s blessings then there will never be financial crisis in your life. On Thursday wake up early in morning (if possible before sunrise at 4.30 am) light a diya of ghee in front of Lord Vishnu’s idol or picture. You can also chant these mantras 21 or 108 times:

  1. Om Namah Narayana
  2. Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaay Namah
  3. Visit Vishnu temple as well in evening and offer yellow garlands to the Lord.


Kesar or Turmeric:

Our Culture
Our Culture

Always remember to apply a teeka of Kesar or turmeric on your forehead before going out of the house. You can use kesar as teeka on daily basis as well. Mix it with chandan and keep it also add some turmeric in it.



Give her a yellow dress
Give her a yellow dress

Always remember yellow is the colour of Guru Brihaspati. Donating yellow coloured will be fruitful for you.

You can donate yellow clothes (a towel) to some sadhu ji or pandit ji in temples. You can also donate yellow coloured pulses(arhar daal or chana daal) to some poor. Bananas are also a good option for donation to poor.


Lord Shiva’s Pooja:

Lord Shiva loves sweets
Lord Shiva loves sweets

Offering yellow laddoos on Thursday to Lord Shiva will make him happy and he will shower you with his blessings. This will bring prosperity to your life.


Banana Tree:


These trees have a great impact on hindu rituals, banana leaves are used in many poojas. Praying to banana tree makes you healthy and keeps you free from illness.


Yellow coloured clothes:

chinese-1213839_1920Always try to wear yellow coloured clothes on Thursday, this will keep your mood light. As yellow colour is the colour of Guru Brihaspati. This will absorb positive energy from the nature and make you prosperous.

If you don’t have any yellow coloured clothes, you can simply tie a yellow handkerchief in your hand.



Always use picture in which Lakshmi Ji is sitting
Always use picture in which Lakshmi Ji is sitting
  1. People whose Guru is weak in the Kundali should fast on Thursday and worship Lord Vishnu and Guru Brihaspati.
  2. Worshipping Goddess Lakshmi on this day, removes all the financial problems in life.
  3. If obstacles are coming in the path of getting married, one should do fasting on Thursday and worship Lord Vishnu and Guru Brihaspati.
  4. For the people who want an early marriage in their life should do fasting on this day.
  5. Worshipping Lord Vishnu and Guru Brihaspati early morning bears fast and good results.


Pooja Vidhi:

Select your mantra for planet GURU
Select your mantra for planet GURU
  1. Use milk mixed with saffron(kesar) to do the abhishek of Guru Brihaspati and Lord Vishnu.
  2. Use Yellow clothes for God asana.
  3. Apply chandan to God.
  4. Use yellow coloured items like gram dal, yellow rice and yellow laddoos etc. for bhog and prashad.
  5. Offer water to god for drinking.
  6. Light a diya of ghee and do Lord Vishnu’s aarti, you can use an aarti book.
  7. Recite the mantras given above 21 or 108 times.
  8. Ask God for your wishes and take the sweets and water as prashad and distribute to as many people you can in your home.
  9. In the evening visit Lord Vishnu’s temple and donate a meal to the poor(this will solve all your financial problems).

May Lord Vishnu and Guru Brihaspati Bless You with Fortune….


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