facts about human body

A human body is a complex structure made up of different organs, bones, muscles, etc. for proper functioning. If you think you know your body quite well, then you are probably wrong. Human body anatomy or structure is a really fascinating creation by the Universe. You might have heard of many facts about human body anatomy. But there are many unknown facts of other human body parts, which you need to manifest.

Below Are 15 Amazing Facts About human body:

Facts About human body 1:

You can’t tickle yourself. The reason behind this is the cerebellum situated at the back of the human brain. It is said that the cerebellum predicts the sensation when you are about to tickle yourself.

facts about human body

Thus, without wasting any time it sends signals and makes sensitive human body parts ready for expected signals. We feel ticklish when others tickle as such sensations are unexpected and the brain cannot predict it.

Facts About human body 2:

facts about human body

Every person has different tongue prints like unique fingerprints. Even biometrics scan can be done to distinguish individuals by a ‘tongue image-acquiring device.’ But maybe it is not of much use for forensic investigation.

Facts About human body 3:

facts about human body

The half of your hand strength lies in your pinkie. The smallest finger of all, the pinkie finger is always underestimated. But it gives 50% of the strength to the hand. It provides support and power to ring finger, middle finger, index finger, and thumb.

Facts About human body 4:

facts about human body

We admire the red color of our lips. Lips are red in color due to a large number of capillaries hidden under the skin. The increased flow of blood makes them red.

Facts About human body 5:

facts about human body

It is known that you cannot breathe and swallow at the same time. But, amazingly a new-born baby can breathe and swallow at the same time. This happens up to 7 months in a human body system. After that doing both at the same time is not possible.

Facts About human body 6:

facts about human body

Our feet contain 52 bones that are nearly one-fourth of all the bones in the human body system. Also, one-third of bones in our human body reduces as we grow that is a new-born baby has 300 bones whereas that of an adult has 206 bones.

Facts About human body 7:

facts about human body

Our taste sensitivity decreases as we grow older. There are five sense organs- eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin in a human body system. Just like the sensitivity of eyes and ears decreases with the growing age, the taste buds also does the same.

With the growing age, people experience hearing and visual issues. Similarly, with every passing year in the late 50s, the taste buds regenerate slowly. This is due to the medicines you take or after an injury. Hence, as we age our taste buds get dull.

Facts About human body 8:

facts about human body

A blink not only keeps our eyes moist but also helps in sharpening our attention. It is considered as a micro-nap to boost our body in a small interval of time.

Facts About human body 9:

facts about human body

As it is known that a mother provides nourishment to her baby. Amazingly, baby too does the same before its birth. A human foetus is able to heal its mother wounds. The baby in the womb sends the stem cells to repair it’s mother’s damaged organs.

Facts About human body 10:

facts about human body

Humans are the only species who are known to blush. This is a reaction to any sudden or strong feeling. It is caused due to the sympathetic nervous system which widens the blood vessels in our face and increases the flow of blood. This causes redness which we associate with blushing.

Facts About human body 11:

facts about human body

When it comes to blush, only cheeks or your face doesn’t turn red. Your stomach too turns red which is also due to the increased flow of blood due to the widening of blood vessels.

Facts About human body 12:

facts about human body

The objects we see around ourselves forms an inverted the image in the retina of our eye. We see the world upside down. It is brain which erects the image and corrects it for us.

It is due to the curved part of the front part of the eye which bends the light and forms an upside-down image of the objects around us.

Facts About human body 13:

facts about human body

In a human body system, Teeth are the only parts which cannot get heal themselves. The tooth eroded due to the cavity is unable to heal on its own as there is the absence of any living cell around it.

This is due to the presence of excessive acid within the mouth and decrease in saliva. This disturbs the acid-base balance in the mouth.

Facts About human body 14:

facts about human body

It is shocking to know that our intestine is about 2.5 meters when uncoiled. This is about four times the length of our body. But it is more shocking that after person’s death their length increases to about 6 meters as the muscles in the walls of the intestine relax.

Facts About human body 15:

facts about human body

Your memory is affected by your body positions. Also, a person remembers things differently when he is standing in comparison to when he is sitting. This leads to creating a difference in memory.

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