Easy Home Remedies For Cough & Cold and Headaches: Simple And Effective


Remedy 1

Headaches and Sinus Problems:





For headaches put one drop of luke warm cows ghee (clarified butter) in your nose at night just before sleeping. Use a dropper to put exactly one drop in both the nostrils. This will treat your headache and is also very effective for a sound sleep.

Remember to use Ghee of pure Indian breed cows. Shahiwal and Gir are two Indian breed cows whose milk products are the best.

This also cures all type of Sinus Problems which make nose very sensitive and lead to extensive sneezing and asthma.

Remedy 2

Cough & Cold During Winters:





For cough and cold eat Jaggery (Gud). Remember to buy a black chocolaty coloured Jaggery (Gud), it is the purest form of Jaggery. Jaggery (Gud) dries the cough which is produced in your body during winters. It normalizes the cough produced in your lungs. Never eat white coloured Jaggery as it gets its white color from detergents.

You can also mix Jaggery with ginger paste (Adrak paste) and heat it for some time and eat it several times in a day.