Easy Hacks For A Good Sleep At Night !!!


We all love to have a good sleep at night and it becomes a necessary one in today’s hectic world. A good sleep has a great advantage and impact on your daily life. A proper sleep keeps our mind and body prepared for all the challenges in daily life. It can directly effect our health if there is certain alterations in the sleeping hours. The volume of nap a person gets daily decides his or her temperament, productivity, and many importantly, a person’s health. so it is highly recommended to get good sleep at night to have a healthy and happy lifestyle.

So here we have brought for you some of the easy hacks to get good sleep at night.


Exercising frequently can have great effects on your sleep, lack of exercise can effect in irregular sleeping patterns. Heavy cardiovascular exercises are not always necessary; we could do a set of stretches for 15 – 20 mins to keep healthy.This will help to stretch and relax the muscles resulting in proper blood flow in the body. This helps a lot to get good sleep during night.

Eating healthy food

Eat healthy to nap well- The kind of diet we follow can also impact our sleep. If your intake of caffeine, nicotine or ethanol is too high, it is sure to cause problems in sleeping. It is compulsory for us to eat a light dinner which can be easily digested; being overly full or being on an dull stomach can hurt your nap too. It is recommended to avoid greasy foods, generally during night, because i takes time to digest and can prevent you from having good sleep.

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Washing your hands and Feet with cold water

We all must have heard from our ancestors to wash our hands and feet before going to bed. It actually has a great impact on our sleep. Washing our hands and feet actually helps to lower down the body temperature that helps get a good sleep.

Stay away from electronic devices

Always avoid any type of contact with your electronic gadgets because the splendid light of television, mobile phones and laptop can hinder with your nap routine. Spending a lot of time on electronic gadgets during night excites the mind neurons and also puts pressure on the eye veins preventing them from any kind of relaxation.

Avoid sleeping during Daytime-

Always try to avoid taking a nap during day time unless it is very much required.Taking nap during day time is harmful for health and also disturbs the work schedule resulting in unwanted delay in the work. If we nap for prolonged stretches in a day, we will constantly destroy to get sufficient sleep during night. Hence, always remind yourself to always avoid taking nap during daytime to save your energy and time.

Hope you found this information useful.