Easy daily routine tips to avoid Caesarean delivery and have a Normal Vaginal Delivery:


Meaning, Reason and Complications Of Caesarean Delivery:

Caesarean delivery or C-section refers to use of surgery at the time of birth of a child. Caesarean birth is un-natural. That is why a mother who gave birth by caesarean surgery witnesses complications throughout her life. These complications can be Knee pain, waist pain, stomach pain, thighs pain, buttocks pain. Ultimately a woman can even reach to a stage where she is recommended by the doctor to remove the uterus.


Caesarean birth is normally done in cases of emergency. Such as high blood pressure, twin delivery, obstructed labor, if water in the uterus goes dry, umbilical cord, irregularities with placenta etc. Some doctors even fool around with the patient and build pressure on them for caesarean delivery. They threat the patient and his family about complications of normal delivery and also misinform them that normal delivery is not possible.


If you want to avoid caesarean delivery and want a normal delivery, then go through the following steps. These steps should be started as soon as a woman gets pregnant and continue for 8 months or you can even do it till normal birth or normal delivery.

(Note: Correct duration of pregnancy ie. the time for which the baby is in mother’s womb is 9 months and 9 days.)

Two Easy tips for Normal Delivery of a Child: To be followed daily for 9 months:

  1. One glass of Indian Cow’s milk mixed with two tablespoons of cow’s ghee (butter clarified after boiling) should be given at night while sleeping, to pregnant women for 9 months. Start giving this mixture once the women gets pregnant. Give this mixture everyday at night and continue till delivery that is 9 months.

(Note:  If you can get milk of pure Indian breed cows such as GIR or SHAHIWAL than that will give very healthy results).


  1. Mix curd of cow’s milk and calcium carbonate water ( limestone water or Chune ka pani) and give it to pregnant women every morning, from the day she gets pregnant till time of delivery.

(Note: Calcium carbonate or Limestone may be purchased from market and it is commonly known as ‘chuna’ used in Pan).

shahiwal cow
shahiwal cow
Gir cow
Gir cow

Tip for Normal delivery of the child: If the baby doesn’t comes out naturally after completion of the pregnancy duration of 9 months and 9 days:

Follow this medication only after 9 months and 9 days.

After 9 months and 9 days every child is all set to come out in this world.  Normally baby will automatically come out after 9 months and 9 days. But if it doesn’t happens, then you should follow this simple medication. It is also advised to start giving this medicine after 9 months and 3 days.

Mix cow dung and cow urine of Pure Indian breed cow (GIR cow or SHAHIWAL cow). Mix 50 grams each. Mix it well and sieve it using 4 layered clothe. Now give 3 tablespoons of this mixture juice to pregnant woman. This mixture can be give at an interval of 4 hours. This will lead to normal delivery in a day or two.


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